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In this week’s video, Samuel demonstrates how, through online websites and clever phone calls, you can find a runner to go and view your properties LAST MINUTE!


Samuel has viewings lined up for a potential property in Grimsby. However, wouldn’t be available to attend them. This would mean that he’d have to find an available runner for that morning.

There are two types of runners you can get to view your property. This includes a Property HMO Manager OR a builder!


A HMO manager is perfect to be present at a viewing. They have the knowledge to specify whether the property is a good HMO or not.


Alternatively, a builder attending the viewing would be highly beneficial. They can determine how much work the property may potentially need.

Through a shared screen, Samuel demonstrates the method of finding your runner through


“The new best friend for all investors!”.

He provides an EASY and QUICK way to find your runner even the evening before a viewing through a step-by-step tutorial. The process via the website includes searching your desired locations, browsing through properties in the similar/same area, filtering your search through ‘Agents Only’, selecting the agent and giving them a call!

He later offers advice on how to find a builder, how to suggest potential work for the runner afterwards, whether it be managing the property or do the building work on it, and how to call the agent EFFECTIVELY to achieve a successful outcome!

Samuel’s TOP TIPS from the video…

  • Don’t be cheeky!

  • Build up relationships, trusted contacts & network!

  • Ask advice on their area of work (HMO Management/Building)

  • Offer to cover expenses!

  • Be on the phone DURING the viewing!

  • Ensure your Runner fills out the viewing inspection form!

… 25 minutes after searching for a Runner, Samuel finalised an arrangement with a runner to view his property!

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