How To Get LOA’s & R2R Deals From Estate Agents – Samuel Leeds

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds explains to YOU how to get direct deals from estate agents. In particular, Rent 2 Rent deals, Lease Option Agreements and No Money Down deals.

It focuses on the main, recurring questions that get asked on the 5,000+ member Facebook Group ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds’ from people who are yet to attend the Property Investors Crash Courses – including ‘How to get deals?’, ‘Why do I keep getting rejected by estate agents?’ “What do we do?”.

Samuel explains the reason for these questions and the ultimate answer.


Due to past experience of being an estate agent himself, Samuel explains the best, creative formulas to achieve these deals, as well as gaining a strong relationship with estate agents, WITHOUT struggling.

He continues to describe the most effective way to put the strategy into place, including:

  1. Find a good property that lends WELL

  2. DON’T go to estate agents

  3. Go direct to the VENDOR

  4. If you need to understand this in more detail – GO TO THE CRASH COURSE!

Samuel explains the next steps when you have found the deal. Including, what to do when it comes off AND what to do in regards to the latter communication with estate agents.

Not only this, Samuel then explains how the estate agent can become your BEST DEAL SOURCING MACHINE and do something for you for FREE!

Following attendance at advanced training courses, the UK’s most inspiring property investor has seen students achieve 2, 3, 4 property deals without spending their own money – if this sounds good to you, get booked on!

It’s the smart way and the right way.