How to have more energy

How to have more energy

If you’re wondering how to have more energy, you might be finding yourself stuck in a rut. It’s okay. You can get yourself out of it with a little help and some smart advice. People who want to know how to have more energy are really trying to discover how to be happier and more positive. If you think about it, you didn’t need coaching on this when you were a child. You didn’t need to be told to run around, laugh, cheer, celebrate, commiserate and generally be energetic. Somewhere along the line that energy got numbed down. All is not lost. In this interview between Samuel Leeds and Sara Taveira, you’ll pick up some gems which will get you back on the road to positivity.

Don’t be timid!

One of the biggest things that holds us back from good energy is unnecessary humility. We’re not saying you should be obnoxious and arrogant. However, you should feel comfortable about announcing and celebrating your successes. This tends to be a stigmatic thing in the UK, where it is stupidly frowned upon to be openly proud of achievements. You must do your best to break that taboo. If people feel jealous about your journey, let them!

Don’t hold back your energy for somebody else’s insecurities. You need to show good energy in order to be successful and that applies in all situations from health and business to personal friendships and even parties. Imagine going to a party and silently sitting in the corner – who will want to be with you? You’re going to have a largely unsuccessful, disappointing evening.

A great way to improve your energy is to surround yourself around the right people. You need to put yourself in the right environment. Environment matters more than willpower. Get yourself around the right people who are positive, uplifting and care about you. Beware of individuals who pretend to care but their words don’t match their energy. You don’t need that in your close network.

What else can you do? Find out by watching! Please share this with someone who is having a hard time.

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