How to Invest in the UK from Hong Kong | Winners on a Wednesday #40

This week’s winners on Wednesday features two brothers from Hong Kong Ken and Jason Yu. They first came across Samuel Leeds after watching a previous episode of Winners on a Wednesday.

The Yu brothers reached out to her to gain further information on the possibilities that are within property. After receiving some great advice from a past academy student they decided to make the trip to England to attend a crash course. Everything starts at the crash course. For the YU’s this was no different after learning as much as they could as the crash course they knew what they wanted to do.

They already had a few contacts both in the UK and Asia and begun to utilize these to their advantage. Ken already had an HMO in London that was being occupied by students and to improve his skills further Jason enrolled himself on the DFE and NUYOMA.

The first property they invested in was a rent to rent SA that they were able to purchase from a sourcer for £3,500. They were also able to refurbish the property themselves all in the spent £8,500 on all the fees and refurb.

The first month the property was up and running they were began to make a profit of £1,500. The second month £2,000 and the third month £2,500.  A second property that the Yu brothers have invested in was a second rent to rent penthouse. That will bring in a profit of £3,000.

When investing from another country the best words of wisdom both Ken and Jason give is to make sure you do your due diligence. Know the area that you going to invest in. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the strategy you’re planning to use. Always account for extra costs and have an exit plan encase if things don’t go to plan.

Immerse yourself in what you are doing and let the world know you’re a property investor. Doing this will help get your name out there and create other opportunities such as joint ventures.

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