How to Know Which Life Decision’s will Lead you to Success

Samuel Leeds

How to Know Which Life Decision’s will Lead you to Succes

Whenever I make a decision, it’s got to be ticking one of these three boxes that I’ll be sharing with you in this article and i think that most people do what they are told to do because most people, get out of bed because their alarm clock tells them to and they then drive to work because their boss is going to be there and they’re going to be in trouble.

If they don’t, they then pick up the phone because someone’s ringing them and it’s urgent because if they don’t answer, maybe they’ll tick somebody off and in their whole life, they live to please others by doing what other people are telling them to do making sure they’re out of trouble.


However, that is not how rich people act and if you’re reading my articles, you’re probably a property investor or wanting to get into property investment and therefore, if you’ve got no property deals right now but you want to start making money in property and you’re thinking, deal sourcing, rent to rent, or lease options and you’re wondering how to get started, here are three things you need to be ticking every time you do something.


Am I learning?

When i started out in property, most of the decisions i was making was just to gain experience as i was renting out people’s rooms for free and i was going to training conferences, reading books and deliberately using my time to just try and learn everything I could about property.

I knew that the more i learn, the more ultimately I was going to become a pro,the more I was going to impact people and the more money I would make from property deals.

I think it’s really important to keep learning as Robert Kiyosaki once said that, don’t trade your time for money because poor people or middle class people work for money when they should be working to gain knowledge. He was trading his time not for money, but for knowledge and experience.


Samuel Leeds

Am I Earning?

You need to ask yourself,  how much money am i going to make from doing this? If you’re doing deal packaging, you need to be thinking, how much money is this going to make me?

A free house doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good house as sometimes people are just desperate for a deal and forgetting whether they’ll be making any money from it.

If I’m doing something, I’m going to ask myself, am i learning? No I’m not. But am i earning? Yes I am.


Am i having fun?

If you’re not earning and you want to be earning doing something, if the money is not there and you’re not learning, then you’re not growing by experiencing from doing it.

Make sure you are having fun in the process and if you’re not, do it because you have to enjoy what you do for you to be successful in it.

Stop doing anything else and only do something if you are earning, learning or having fun.

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