How to make money as a teenager

You know the phrase ‘sweet 16’? You’re thinking it’s not that sweet, you’re probably wondering how to make money as a teenager and what path to go down. Trust us, you’re at a fantastic age because your entire future is ahead of you and you don’t have any commitments. You can make money as a teenager but you can also learn how to make the right choices to set up a life of freedom and happiness.

Here are some Samuel’s top tips for 16 year old’s:

  • Take advice with a pinch of salt. Everybody will be trying to lecture you and guide you in a certain direction – it’s up to you to figure out which source of advice is the most trustworthy. You can analyse this by examining that person’s lifestyle and happiness – are they as happy as you would like to be one day? Does their lifestyle match the one of your dreams?
  • Don’t invest time in getting higher education qualifications for the sake of it. Once upon a time, it was essential to get a degree in order to be successful but with the rising student debt and the market becoming more entrepreneurial and dynamic, qualifications aren’t what they once were. Samuel is an employer and has an ever-expanding team of people – he focuses on the value the person can bring rather than what a piece of paper scores them as. However, if you want to become a doctor or go into a profession where qualifications are obviously vital, then you should pursue that.
  • Dream big! Remember when you were in primary school? If you said you wanted to be an astronaut or a famous actress, you’d be applauded. If you said that now, they’d shoot you down and try to push you onto the conveyor belt of unfulfilling careers. Don’t listen to them, dream big and make decisions which help make that dream a reality.

There are two more pieces of advice Samuel has for teenagers, find out what they are by watching the video! Don’t forget to share it too.