How to sell property deals to investors

How to sell property deals to investors

Can you name another property entrepreneur who gives you as much detail and insight as Samuel Leeds? Check out this exclusive footage from one of our Crash Courses. By attending, you’ll be able to rapidly figure out whether a property deal is worth it and understand how to sell property deals to investors. If you think you already know how to sell property deals to investors, but are struggling to earn the right level of income to satisfy your work, you will learn why, and how to fine-tune your strategy. In this video, you’ll be able to watch an incredible exercise take place whereby the entire room of students have to use everything they learned, get on the phones, contact agents and find good deals. After all, if you want to know how to sell property deals to investors, you need to know how to discover a good deal.


What happened at the Crash Course?

Whichever team of students came up with the most viable property investment opportunity with the best ROI, would be brought onto the stage to be assessed. The three winners on this occasion presented Samuel with a property in Bradford which offered 24.6% ROI. The three individuals on stage were attending the event for different reasons but all of them suddenly realised how much value there was to gain from attending because they had just proven it to themselves in the exercise. One of them was called Holly and she was working three jobs to just get by on a basic salary – she simply didn’t want to work that hard for so little. As Samuel always says, you should work smarter, not harder.


Are you ready to upgrade  your lifestyle?

After assessing their deal on stage, Samuel declared that it was a good property deal and if proposed to the right investor, the deal could be sold for £2000! Imagine finding one of these deals every month and selling it, how would that impact your lifestyle? Would you have more time to do what you want? People work themselves to the bone in jobs they don’t like for less than £2000 per month – this is why property can be so paramount to discovering a life of freedom. It all starts with educating yourself – Samuel himself has spent £250,000 in the last 6 months on training so that he can become a better businessman and investor. You’re never too early or late to learn.


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