How to Stop Investors STEALING Property Deals? – Q+A Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

How to Stop Investors STEALING Property Deals? – Q+A Samuel Leeds

Another Sunday, another video!

I love answering your questions and being part of your property journey.

Here are timestamps of the questions to help you navigate easier through this video and don’t forget to put your question in the comments. I might answer your questions next week.

⏱️ TIMESTAMPS 1:04 Is there a way to buy a second house with a 10% deposit?

2:07 Can you legally live in your own rent-to-rent/ and, or lease option agreement property?

2:36 What would you suggest the best method of connecting and attracting investors is, especially in the current climate.

4:08 How can I find out if the area I like to choose is right and I will have enough customers each month?

4:59 Can I rent out a room in a property I have bought to live in? Is a residential mortgage fine or I need a buy-to-let mortgage? 5:46 I am 77, I have just got a mortgage at 3.35% by applying through a Limited Company. The mortgage company wasn’t interested in me, they were only interested in the property I wanted to re-mortgage.

6:56 How do you sell a deal to an investor without them stealing the deal and cutting you out of the picture?

7:14 Please explain your experience of when an investor pretended to know about a property you found them.

8:57 Can I get one solicitor to represent the seller or do you recommend I get one to represent me as well, I don’t want to if it’s not necessary?

10:25 If you decide to use Land Registry to contact a landlord directly how would you explain to them how you found their details without scaring them off?

11:29 How much does it cost to start up a serviced accommodation unit? And do you recommend paying a deal sourcer on the first unit?

13:07 How do I convince my dad to take me to the crash course because I am too young he isn’t taking me seriously?

14:34 Which HMO management firm do you recommend as I’ve heard some horror stories.

16:23 I’m 30 and own two rentals properties with my third going though at the moment I got two 0% interest cards before Xmas 12k a 6k limit I used the cards instead of the money I earn from work I have the money I would have spent day to day in the stock market worth about 21k at the mo but the problem is my credit rating is really poor now as I’ve maxed them out would you just pay them off or half off or by a 4th rental property.

18:17 I want to turn my property into BTL once the fixed term expires

20:48 I have a 180k mortgage on a 250k house with wife and kids, is there a way I can get into buy to let housing as a passive income with little savings


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