How to work for Samuel Leeds

If you are inspired by us, you might be considering a career move. Perhaps you’re a student who loves everything they hear and read from our property entrepreneurship content and you just want to know how to work for Samuel Leeds. If you want to know how to work for Samuel Leeds, you need to know if it’s the right move for you. In this video, you’ll get an insight into what it’s like to work in our team. So, stop searching ‘how to work for Samuel Leeds’ and take this video on board!

Firstly, Samuel is very big on culture. That’s why his team moved from the Midlands to London. He wanted his company to be somewhere he could maximise the impact. Impact, inspiring and empowering are all fundamental parts of the culture here. As the interviewer, Marie Ferguson says ‘the vibe is lovely’. That’s because the team love to have fun, pour their energy and passion into their work while focusing on a greater purpose. These are aspects of working for Samuel Leeds which are essential because they contribute to the culture.

Samuel only hires people to join his mission if they are entrepreneurial. He doesn’t like the idea of having employees because that suggests that you’re only there to clock in, clock out and collect your pay. Samuel absolutely wants his team to enjoy what they do and that’s his main priority. If he sees somebody not having fun with their role, he moves them around to a position they can prosper. Samuel also believes in achieving freedom through regulation. For example, every member of his team feels free, the conditions are flexible and they are in charge of their own desk but there are strict rules around punctuality and ethics. Where there are no rules, there is no freedom, there’s just chaos and disorder.

Do you know what Samuel’s first job was? Find out what he did and how he was treated which led to him being the boss he is today. Watch the video and share!

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