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I Am Disgusted!

Samuel Leeds

I Am Disgusted

The printers at Amazon changed the spine so that they could fill more satanic pictures inside! How many books are like this? What’s next?

Hello, my name’s Samuel Leeds, and I’m going to call some people out in today’s blog. My mom came out with a book, and I don’t know how to deal with the person who has ruined this. I don’t know who to blame because it’s Amazon! My mom wrote a Christian book that I published. I had talked about it when I had made a video about Joe Lycett and those other clowns on Channel 4 who were not only going after me but about my faith. And I talked about this book in the video. My team and I had designed the cover for it. The video got both love and hate.

I thought that the printers at Amazon would be neutral. I thought it won’t matter that I’m a successful property investor; that I teach people about property investing. But I was wrong! You know, this isn’t even a controversial book. It’s a Christian book that has headings like, “Bible: Can I trust the Bible?” and “One Life, Make It Count.”

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I had designed the cover and spine for the book. When the copies of the book came, my mom noticed one of them had a thicker spine. When she opened it, it had satanic pictures inside! I wouldn’t have created this video if Amazon had answered why this happened, but they have nothing to say. My mom was horrified!

If you want to comment on my business or me, it’s fine. But to do this? This wasn’t a mistake. Somebody did this and fit demonic stuff in it. Amazon should be ashamed. When they’re asked about it, they say they will refund the book. How many books are like this?

This was an attack on me and my family. Whoever has done this, all I want to say is that I’m not stopping. I’m not going to stop making money out of property investing. I’m going to continue teaching people about it. I’m going to keep doing what I do.

And Amazon, you had your time, you could have responded, but you didn’t. I’m just a regular businessman doing my thing; get off my back!

Anyway, I’m sorry to lower the tone for Saturday night but I felt like I had to make a video on this. I only want to say that I will keep on doing what I do, and will not stop because of these things!



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