I Could LOSE My Castle!

Samuel expresses his worries and concerns about the completion of the beautifully historical, castle investment in Bewdley. Due to a range of technicalities, loan complications and unfortunate events, it is clear to see the doubts and uncertainty in the air, with a possibility the investors may not be able to complete.

This day could infact be the last time they ever see the castle.

Samuel stated,

“Right now, this is probably the hardest, most stressful property purchase that has ever happened.”

The video later documents Samuel on his way to the castle. He meets with brother and business partner Russell Leeds. He then meets with his chartered surveyor. Everything was and should have been in place to complete.  The brothers bought the castle and agreed on a purchase price towards the end of April 2018, with securing a bridging loan being part of the plan.

After not receiving definite confirmation of the loan, but being assured by the broker that they would be able to complete in time – the possibility was starting to wear thin and concerns were rising, as completion was due THIS day and they STILL didn’t have the money.

Worries came apparent when Samuel found out they would need a chartered surveyor to quote the property. This would take a week to arrange. And, with still NO guarantee it will get sorted.

The plan is to head over to the property, using previously successful negotiation skills, to ask the owner of the if they could pay HALF now and half later with interest.

Trying to raise £400,000 in one day would NOT be easy!

Samuel doesn’t feel entirely confident the plan would pay off and is worried the investment could fall through. Brother Russell stated there could be a 50/50 chance. With all of this happening just ONE day before heading to London for a Crash Course, a stressed and worried Samuel met up with Russell at the property.

Russell stood beside Samuel and emphasised,

“Even if they extend, we are talking 10 days, which they might not be able to do, we aren’t going to get it in time.”

“We are not going to be able to complete in time”.

The video finishes with the  make or break meet with the owner of the castle. Fingers crossed it goes the right way, otherwise there could be disappointment…