I Debate My Famous Hater—Poku Banks vs. Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

I Debate My Famous Hater—Poku Banks vs. Samuel Leeds

Hey, I’m Samuel Leeds! I make tons of videos on property investment, giving people value basically for free. While there are people who have been supportive since day one, there have been others who have called me a fake guru.

When I contact these people to talk to me in person, they usually don’t respond because they have no evidence for their allegations.

However, today, I’m going to share with you a conversation I had with my most famous hater, Poku Banks. He had put up a video on his YouTube channel about how I was a fake guru, on which I had commented, asking him to meet me and show me evidence if he had any. We met, and this is what we talked about:

 Banks: When you’d contacted me, I honestly thought it was a fake account.

Samuel: I’m honest and upfront with my dealings. I want people to know the truth. If you say I’m a fake guru, where is the evidence? Because you haven’t come with any today.

Banks: For me, the definition of a fake guru is someone who says he’s something that he’s not. He claims something, but that isn’t the case.

Samuel: So, what have I claimed that isn’t true? I’m a property investor, I package and sell deals, I’ve sold over 300 deals in my career, making hundreds of pounds’ worth of money in the process.

Banks: How is your castle going?

Samuel: It’s going great!

Banks: I think you should let people know about the true facts and figures. In one video, you say that you have 29 houses, and then go ahead to change that figure in another video.

Samuel: Look, I’m honest about my successes and failures. Some of my properties perform well and some of them underperform. Why don’t you see my overall career instead of picking out only my failures?

Banks: You also make money from your courses.

Samuel: Most of the content I create is for free. I’ve made thousands of pounds over the years, but I teach other people how to be financially free. Whatever I teach, I’ve done. Tell me how many deals have you sold over the years?

Banks: Don’t switch this on me, this is about you right now. Is it true that you make it seem almost too easy?

Samuel: That’s entirely subjective. You know what, you haven’t sold any deals, and you’re calling me a fake guru. If you were my student, I’d be embarrassed because you haven’t sold even one deal.

Banks: All I’m saying is that you claim to be something big in property, but you’re not.

Samuel: I’m not. I document everything that I do and I share it online. How am I a fake guru? Tell me about how you’re not a fake guru?

Banks: I teach rent-to-rent; it’s what I do as well.

Samuel: Tell me about your rent-to-rent. How many have you done, and how have they been going?

Banks: I did one; it was good.

Samuel: Really? Because you’d said in a video that you were getting a loss from it.

Banks: It was due to the pandemic. You know how things have been lately.

Samuel Leeds

Samuel: I’m well aware. However, how would you call yourself a guru when you’ve done only one failed rent-to-rent?

Banks: Don’t you know how things have been going lately with the pandemic and everything?

Samuel: I know everything. However, tell me one more thing: is Poku Banks Limited a company, because it’s been mentioned on your website?

Banks: You can’t put Banks in the name of a company.

Samuel: So, if it’s not a company, why would you mention it on your website?

Banks: Let’s not get away from the topic at hand. Is it not true that you sell your courses to people who literally can’t afford it?

Samuel: Most of my courses are for free. Most of my students are learning from me for free. If somebody wants to purchase an advanced course, they can. It’s only a matter of me fulfilling someone’s needs. Is that not how business works?

Banks: Tell me about the DFE. Is it not for 12 grand?

Samuel: No, it’s not. None of my courses are for 12 grand. Do you want to know about my course pricing?

Banks: Yes, please!

Samuel: Everything’s free to begin with—YouTube and everything. Then, if you want, you can pay 95 pound a month. People can get one-on-one training with me or from anyone in my team. It’s on my website.

Banks: Samuel, I was on your crash course, this time last year. During the break, a couple of guys had been talking about how they didn’t have the money to do your course. And you told them to pay for it. Of course, you don’t remember me, but I was there.

Samuel: Is there any evidence of it?

Banks: Samuel, I was there.

Samuel: But have you got any evidence? No!

Banks: What about your castle? When was the last time you did a renovation there?

Samuel: Let’s say there hasn’t been renovation on it in a year. What does that even mean?

Okay, tell me who you’re working with.

Banks: I’m co-deal sourcing with someone; I can’t say it online.

Samuel Leeds

Samuel: Okay, Denzele, the guy you work with, says that my crash course is excellent.

Banks: Look, I say that too, I’ve been on your crash course as well.

Samuel: You think that James Armstrong is a great property investor. He is my student. So, you’re my student’s student!

Banks: People have been saying that you’ve been ignoring their messages. Glen, the person who’d been on your show also said that.

Samuel: Glen, didn’t pay me any money. I helped him make 50,000 pounds from scratch with no money. He did a lease option agreement, he got multiple deals, and we exchanged multiple messages. After a week he said that he couldn’t get hold of me. How does that prove that my customer service is bad?

Banks: there have been various people saying that.

Samuel: Yeah, but where?

Banks: Trust Pilot! I don’t remember their names, but there have been people.

Samuel: You know what, we did a course recently. There were 19 people on it. They paid 2000 pounds to be on the course. They made money while learning and being there. 17 of them gave us 10/10, and 2 of them gave us 9/10. This is a fact, not what you’re saying.

Banks: My course is for 49 pounds, which is quite cheap as compared to yours.

Samuel: It’s all about supply and demand; it’s business. Every business has a willing seller and willing buyer. Every business is going to have good and bad reviews.

Banks: Yeah, I agree.

Samuel: But when I ask you about your business, about your training, you don’t have an answer. You know, when I started my first ever business, Training Kings, for four years, I didn’t make a single penny off of training.

Even now, I’m making videos every single day; I have people coming in each week telling me their success stories. I’m very successful in property, and I am very successful as a trainer. But one thing that I am not, and it outrages me when people say it, is that I’m not fake.

I belong to a working class family. I bought my first property when I was 17. I have done everything from scratch. And it frustrates me when people like you, who come to my course then talk bad about me.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Denzele, your business partner, actually texted me last year asking if he could work for me for free?

Banks: Why is that wrong?

Samuel: That’s not wrong. But what’s wrong is that people like you call me a fake guru.

Banks: Samuel, it’s all click bait. Don’t you know how YouTube works?

Samuel: How would you feel when you build yourself up, help other people become successful, and then people say bad things about you?

Banks: Okay, but you’ve said things that aren’t right.

Samuel: What have I said?

Banks: you’ve said that you own properties, and that people shouldn’t get properties with their own money.

Samuel: I’ve never said that I own properties, because I don’t. I package and sell deals, I flip and fix houses, and I am a developer. It’s people like you who take things out of context and make a deal about it.

Banks: I think you say a lot of things just to build credibility.

Samuel: look, if you think I’m not credible enough to run a course, then it’s simple for you: don’t get my course. I’ve been investing in properties for over 12 years. I’ve packaged and sold 300 deals. I’ve done lease option agreements, BRRR, HMOs, and much more. I’ve done all these things and I talk about that online, as well as my students. My students have been quite successful as well; they have made tangible success doing decent work in property.

Samuel Leeds

Banks: Okay, are you making a million a month?

Samuel: Turning over, yes.

Banks: What are the profits?

Samuel: About 20%.

Banks: Okay, that’s decent. And you reinvest it in property?

Samuel: Yeah, my property business is like that.

Banks: You know, just as an advice: please consider the financial situation of your property students. I know there may be no-money-down deals, but come on, that’s not the average case; it’s not possible every time.

Samuel: Okay, I get it, of course. That’s why there is an option of getting my courses and knowledge for free. The thing that really ticks me off, is that people take things out of context, make a video about it or give me bad reviews for ‘click bait’ or whatever, and when I actually respond and show them legitimate facts and figures, they don’t have an answer on it.

Banks: You know with the CJs, they were going at you like crazy, all I did was for click bait, you know how YouTube works.

Samuel: You call it click bait, I call it unethical.


Samuel: You know what, there’s a lady, Andrea Harbour, and she came to my crash course and then paid for the DFE. Then, she was diagnosed with cancer. I worked with her through the strategies. She is now cancer free, and she had said that the course was everything that was helping her move forward. That is what I’m looking at.

J.L. Spooner, my first ever student. She had been living in a council flat. She had no money. She came to my property investor’s crash course by paying a very small amount. As a direct result of the course, she bought her council flat, she raised money, and she has got a commercial property that is raising over a million pounds a year. We’re good friends today!

James Armstrong, he was 19, he wasn’t making good money. He got into debt. I worked with him; trained him. He is making a decent 10,000 pounds a month. He is dating my sister-in-law.

So this is what I look at. I look at what my customers are saying, what my staff is saying. Not those trolls online.

I’ve made a lot of money from my properties, if I’m making money now from my training, why is that so wrong? Because I believe that when people get your training and pay you, that’s a certificate of thanks.

Samuel Leeds

Banks: Why is that you rent your house?

Samuel: I personally don’t like to put money into something that won’t give me money back, i.e. is not an asset. I would rather put my money elsewhere and rent my house or car.

Banks: Okay, so it’s like an opportunity-cost thing. I get it.

Is there something you’d like to say to your haters?

Samuel: I would say check all the facts. If you’re going on a training course, check the credibility of the trainer. And don’t worry too much.

Listen, even though I said you’re a fake guru, if people can learn little things from your tiktok videos, I think it’s great!

Banks: You’re right!

Wrapping Up

Well, that was my conversation with my most popular hater.

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