I Don’t have the TIME to be a Property Investor

Samuel Leeds

I Don’t have the TIME to be a Property Investo

I work hard and people might get the wrong idea because sometimes I might have a 20-minute break and savor it as I’ll be with the kids for 20 minutes, do a little video for 20 minutes and then go back on what I was focusing on.

You’ve just got to work hard and if you haven’t got time, maybe get up an hour earlier whether you’re a university student, just work hard, manage your time and accept that if you’re young, you’ve got to put the hours in.

I worked ridiculously hard at the age of 22 and many people see me successful now but don’t know that I used to wake up at 5am everyday just to get my stuff done.

I’d drive to a networking event and do a pin meeting or speak or whatever then network at the bar afterwards from 10am till 11am and then go home, get back about half past midnight, and the same story starts over in the next day.

That was my standard six days a week.

I constantly drove to Edinburgh just to go and speak to 10 property investors rather than saying like oh where and how can I find property investors? 

I’d wake up early as I’ve got to be there and speak to property investors by telling them about my products and services.

I normally pitched them some deals to try and get them to join me and guess what, if no one does, I’ll have to leave empty-handed without a problem but at least with their business cards.

After getting them on my mailing list, that would be a win for me.

Don’t Waste Time

If you want to be really successful and know that you want to be financially free and make two and a half thousand pounds a month in rental, you can do that by working a few hours a week and give it some years but if you want to become financially free really fast, you just got to go crazy as everyone has the same amount of hours in the day.

Donald Trump has the same amount of hours a day as I have and so has Russell and anybody in this entire world.

I’m not judging anyone or saying anyone’s in a better position, but understand that those people who are doing well financially have got the same amount of time as you.

Many people excuse themselves saying they’ve got no time but in the real sense, everybody has got the same amount of time as you in a single day.

Therefore, manage and use your time wisely.

Avoid Distractions

Maybe you are working hard but haven’t done it for long enough to see the results.

Clock every time you do something during the day as that will really be worthwhile for your own productivity.

Distractions such as mail; you want to keep that at a minimum as you don’t want loads of messages that are read on your mailbox.

I have two mailboxes and one has 1,221 unread messages while the other has got 5670 unread messages as I’m not interested in making other people happy but getting my stuff done.

People might think that I’m a terrible person but I’m not interested in pleasing people but doing what needs to get done at the right time.

I just want to get done what needs to get done and what happens is too many people worry about everybody else’s urgent issues because the other person told them it was urgent and they sound stressed but that should never divert your attention from what needs to be done because that’s how you got to do business.

I don’t respond to anything I don’t want to respond to because what I do is get done what needs to get done and in the same way to my friend that was talking about time management what I’d say is what do you need to get done this year this month this week write it down don’t do anything else you get all these messages from people telling you to do stuff who cares because once you look after yourself you might think it’s selfish but it’s not.

Set Goals

I do more for people than most people do as we’ve got Samuel lead’s foundation which is building schools, bringing clean water to Africa and doing a lot of other things such as give 10% of our business turnover to charity and therefore I’m not saying be a selfish prick and don’t care about anybody as what I’m saying is focus.

Don’t try and please everybody by responding to everybody as that way you’re not going to get anything done.

Have a done list and do away with to-do-list which you end up not following at the end of the year.

If you must have a to-do list, set four things you want done in that year and follow them every day until they get done without creating a long list of things you wish done but by the end of the year, most of the most important things are still pending on your list.

Tell yourself if I do these five things this year, it’ll be a good year for me whereby there’s only a few things to get done.


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