I just had to do this… (SURPRISE!)

Samuel Leeds

I just had to do this… (SURPRISE!

Today’s article is not about me but my granddad who’s the kindest, sweetest and most generous person you’ll ever meet.

He believed in me when I was a teenager by giving me my very first business lesson a long time ago.

My granddad actually made some writings a long time ago. He wrote a book and his dream was always to get it published but the problem is he lost all of the writings.

I took the only copy in the world that he had and he had no idea what we’d planned to do with it because he’s always wanted to publish a book but no one’s ever given him the opportunity or given him a break to do it over lockdown.

My wife Amanda and I took the writings, typed them onto a computer, published the book, designed a cover and it is now on amazon.

The book has sold over a thousand copies and my grandad had no clue about this and so we drove to his house in Wolverhampton to give him his book ask him to sign us a copy and let him know that he’s received a little bit of royalties from the book as well.

I hid the book in my jumper and when I revealed it to them, he was so excited.

We’ve sold about a thousand copies and our copy came about ten days ago.

We were going to visit him sooner but then found out that he’d gone to the hospital and we were thinking well, he better come as we’ve got a surprise for him.

We knew that they weren’t doing any visitors at new cross so we were just praying and waiting for grandpa to get and when we heard that he got out over the weekend, we quickly went to visit him with his published book.

Amanda typed it up, designed the cover and then we just passed it over to our publishers and it’s now on Amazon with a five-star rating.

I’ve read the book and its actually really good as we’ve now published it on behalf of my grandad and honestly, anyone else that’s reading this, I think it’s really important to remember sometimes that giving feels better than to receive.

I loved giving the gift of my granddad’s book but I also loved reading it and so if you’re reading this and you’d like to read the book, then you can order it from amazon I’ll leave a link in the below for you to support my grandad.

Check the book out and let me know what you honestly think.

I know this has been a little bit different as I normally talk about how to make money in property and this is just something a little bit different but I had to film as it was a priceless moment.

Please grab a copy of my Grandads book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Secrets-Bria…


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