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I’ve been teaching for the last five years and for the last 10 years doing property investment, lease option agreements, buy refurbish, rent to rent, dealing with motivated sellers, what kind of return on investment do you buy to let all that stuff, and today, I want to share something with you that I’ve been holding back and to be honest I’m scared.

There’s an app created by Ashley Woodland and his partner which will basically show you every single property online.

The app tells you the return on investment, works out every single HMO, potential HMO and every single motivating set.

Samuel Leeds

The guy who made this app, Ashley Woodland and his partner, told me that they were creating a property app and I didn’t believe them. I actually didn’t laugh at them, but I was like, that will never happen.

When Ashley came into my office and showed me the app, it was just amazing. It kind of annoyed me because I thought I’ve learned these skills, I’ve figured out how to do this but the app has made me redundant.


I’ve spent years searching through the right move and figuring out how to work out the return on investment on a property deal but with this app, I’ll probably save time in doing all that and it’s going to make everybody else be able to do what I’ve worked hard to be able to do especially my students.

rent to rent

I was trying to think of a reason to discredit it but the app is great and perfectly coded. 

I had this same idea and wish I was the one that implemented it before Ashley and his partner.

The app costs less than fifty pounds to gain access and it will help you in working out the return investment, negative equity, refurb opportunities, buy refurbish and refine opportunities.


As a property investor, the app impressed me and so I decided to partner with Ashley as a shareholder and now part of the app’s shares belong to me.

I’ll be giving out discount codes in my name for you to go and enjoy using the app at discounted prices.

Remember that this app isn’t going to make you rich and is just a tool that will give you all the leads on a pipe feeder as you are still required to use your skills in finding the right deals for your investment.


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