I’m NOT Doing Another Financial Freedom Challenge

Samuel Leeds

I’m NOT Doing Another Financial Freedom Challenge

I surprised my wife Amanda on our 5th year anniversary with a trip to Paris, Belgium and France where we had a great time.

She initially thought that we’d be going to Ireland for my spontaneous financial freedom challenge for like a week to find deals on houses.

We took our passport as Amanda believed that we’d be headed for Ireland to secure property deals little did she know that we were headed to Paris.

I of course hid this from here during the entire trip and only revealed to her the final destination during the last two hours to our flight.

We had a very nice conversation along the way as I tried to make her believe the trip was a quest for securing property deals in Ireland.

What do you think about the Financial Freedom challenge Amanda?

I’m excited to join you for the very first time into this financial freedom challenge as I only get to see them through videos.

I think it’ll be exciting to see you in action because I haven’t actually seen you doing a financial freedom challenge.

How much preparation have we done about the Irish market and about Ireland?


We don’t even know which part or island we’re going to be in as we don’t even know if we’re going to end up in Dublin thus we’ve got our passports just in case.

I think lease options always seem to be like a good strategy in most places because there’s always going to be people that have lots of negative equity in Belfast and that might be the one that we end up using but I’m not sure.

How confident are you on a scale of one to a hundred that I am going to be able to become financially free in a week in Belfast?

Mmmh let’s say, 90% to 95% only 95.

Well, it could also be 99% as I’m very confident that you are going to do a deal and make some money in the next seven days.

I remember the first time when you were going to Sheffield, I remember I cried because I didn’t know how long you were going to be away but I think it was only for a few months.

I was a little bit upset because I thought you’d not come home sooner as you told me you’ll be there for however long it takes for you to secure a deal.

I was being so dramatic at the time I think.

I know that you’ll definitely secure a deal in Ireland as you are very capable and competent and so I have no doubts that you will do what we’re setting out to do which is to make some money and do some deals in Ireland from scratch with no market knowledge.

If you were going on your own to do the financial freedom challenge would you be feeling a bit nervous?

Samuel Leeds

Yes, I’d be very nervous.

At the moment, i’m really chilled because everything’s on you as it’s down to you to ensure that you get financially free this week and so i’m just like here for the ride but i’m not really on me.

I’m definitely very chilled and if I was going by myself, I would be really nervous especially if I was filming it and if I was going by myself with no camera and had all the time in the world to do it then it’d be fine but filming it and documenting it as we go, I think that would be quite nerve-wracking it’s depressing that the weather here is like so glorious it’s really nice and i’m wearing this jumper but it is really warm outside at 23 degrees.

I’m not looking forward to being cold but it is what it is you know and we’ll just go and make it happen that way.

In conclusion, we went to Paris, Belgium and France as Amanda was in real shock after learning that we were not headed to do a financial freedom challenge but to our 5th year anniversary challenge in Paris.

My camera man Nico new this of course as he played along into surprising my wife Amanda as we went to having our 5th year anniversary celebrations in Paris.