Interest Only VS Repayment Mortgages? – Property Investing Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds

Interest Only VS Repayment Mortgages? – Property Investing Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds

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00:40 Hi Samuel I’m thinking of buying a house for an hmo…how do you know or find out if an hmo management company is a good one ??….

01:29 Hey Samuel, I live in Newcastle and there are huge student lets and HMOs being built in the city centre. There are now so many empty HMOs in my area 5 minutes away. Does this mean HMOs in Newcastle are dead?

02:46 Hi Samual, Great video’s. when you remortgage a property, do you use a broker or is there a company or a direct remortgage way to get better deal. Kind Regards

03:04 Thank you for answering my previous question. I have now purchased my first investment property. My question is… when mortgaging a property to rent out, do you recommend an interest only mortgage and make more income. Or clear off the mortgage to benefit in the long run?

04:08 Hello Samuel, I have a 3 bedroom property and now I’m thinking about to make it into HMO how do I do that, do I need to speak to council or something

05:34 Hey Samuel. When you buy a Buy2Let under a limited company, does the 25% deposite qualify as a business expense?

07:31 Hi Samuel great informative video! I’m 19 years old 3rd year apprentice electrician i’m looking at my first property BRRR. The property is under value and i believe i can add value to said property. The issue is i’m unlikely to secure a buy to let mortgage, i have the deposit and refurb cash ready the mortgage is my issue with my age any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

08:26 I’m just about to complete my first freehold flat. My intention was to put it on It’s in North Bristol. I would like to know If is still a viable strategy or should I put it into long-term rent

10:00 Hi Samuel how long does it take to be able to refinance your money is it 6 months or can you do it as soon as you have added value

10:39 Hey, recently finished your book Buy Low Rent High… provides good info, but u didn’t mention what ROI would u recommend and what should be the least ROI that would work?

11:19 Hi Samuel do you think house prices will still go down soon like when the stamp duty relief is over? Also how do you find houses that you can add significant value to?

 12:50 I want to do a buy to let. I would put down 25% deposit and borrow the rest from friends/family. Do I/they need to pay any gift tax or anything like that? Not sure if there are tax implications when borrowing money. Thanks for your time.

14:04 Hi Samuel love the video. I have a large lump sum of money can’t decide whether to buy one large HMO outright or maybe a few houses ? Also I live in London should I sell my flat here And invest in a cheaper area so all properties are in the same area ? Many thanks 😊

14:56 in an article 4 area does it make sense to buy an existing HMO there or not? will it make more sense to try and get permission on a new HMO if this is possible?

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