Invest with Samuel

  • Passive Income – we do all the work for you, let your money work for you
  • Total Security – you own the investment as a partner
  • Sky High Returns – Samuel only invests in safe and profitable deals
  • Power Team – We already have the full power team in place
  • Learn the ropes – If you are interested you can visit the site and get a real insight into how it all works

How Does It Work?

We Find The Deal

Samuel and the team are experts at finding great investment opportunities. We find and assess the deals, negotiate the purchase price and arrange any financing.

You Invest

You invest in the property as an owner. The property will be purchased through an SPV Limited Company of which you will be a shareholder.

We Take Care of the Development

Samuel has a team of Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers and Builders who will take care of the entire development process from start to finish.

You Get Paid

Once the project is completed you’ll get your agreed profit share. Depending on the exit strategy this could be a lump cash sum, monthly recurring income or both.

About Samuel

Samuel Leeds is an award winning international speaker, two-times best selling author and a leading property investor and developer. 


Samuel became financially free through property at the age of 21 and quickly went on to become a multimillionaire through smart investments and hard work. In recent years he has made hundreds of thousands of pounds through property development, some of which has attracted the national press and even prime time television.


For the first time Samuel is offering people the chance to partner with him on some upcoming deals.