Is £2000 Enough for Rent 2 Rent!? | Q&A Sunday

samuel leeds

Is £2000 Enough for Rent 2 Rent!? | Q&A Sunday

Q&A Sunday is a day in which we answer YOUR questions! Make sure to comment your questions below and like this post for more videos.

Check out below all the questions answered in this weeks episode.

Question: How do you know when you do a multi let whether you need a license?

Question: Do you think A.I will effect how we invest in BTL in the future?

Question: Thoughts on selling a property through express offers today?

Question: What are the options for someone working on a 0 hours contract and wants to start investing in property?

Question: Do you have to pay tax if your making a small amount… their a minimum starting value before paying tax?

Question: Do they limit the amount you can pull out of a BRR?


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