Is Property Investing Risky?


Is Property Investing Risky?

At every Crash Course, we go over the details of property investment risks and prepare you so that you can make better investment decisions and prevent these problems when choosing your investment property. 

It is impossible to have a 100% risk free investment, otherwise it would not be an investment but a guarantee. 

Your job as a property investor is to eliminate these risks as much as possible by being financially literate and educated in property.

There are a total of four risks that could happen while investing in property and these include;

  • No Tenants
  • Bad Tenants
  • Problem with The Property
  • Legal Issues & Act of God


There is sometimes a time to be negative while risk assessing the properties you want to invest in.

If you’ve been following my articles for the past few months, I’ve shown you how to find a house, workout the ROI for the investment and risk assessing it.

I want you to always think of all the different risks and all the problems you could face because what you’ll find is that every type of risk and problem all comes down to the four things mentioned above.

The biggest risk and problem which is a fifth one is not a bad house but no house.

It’s okay to think of the reasons why not but you need to think of the reasons why to as well and therefore what you need to do is follow this blog and checkout my channel on YouTube as I freely share tips on a daily basis on how you can make better and smarter decisions in property.

In my crash courses, I always look for houses which I use to teach my students how to do risk assessment and avoid making mistakes in their endeavors.

How do we prevent bad tenants and how do we prevent that being one of these million things?

rent to rent

You can’t of course prevent but if there’s a plague and half of the planet’s gone, I’m probably more concerned whether I’m on the 50% that lived rather than my ROI.

If a house blows up in flames or there’s lightning you need to know of ways to risk assess against this stuff and prevent those risks.

Of course there’s some risk in property and the definition of an entrepreneur is someone that takes a risk and hope to make money.

What you need to do as a smart entrepreneur, is that if you want to de-risk it as much as you can so that it’s as safe and as risk proof as possible, is to acquire knowledge and implementing ways of doing so.

For those who’ve not been to my crash courses before, you can come and see me get a house, risk asses it and once I’ve done that, if I can still have 18-20% ROI, I’m now going to send you to the real world where you’ll be applying my strategies which will help you along the way.

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