It’s a rap! Samuel Leeds student says thank you in style!

Samuel Leeds

It’s a rap! Samuel Leeds student says thank you in style!

Rapper Jay Udeh thinks Samuel Leeds’ training is definitely something to make a song and dance about. In fact, he’s penned a rhythmic tribute to his mentor as a way of saying thanks for helping him become a successful deal sourcer. It hasn’t entirely been a smooth journey, though, as the coronavirus pandemic hit his prospects when he was just starting out. 

Jay’s investment in Property Investors’ training pays off handsomely


Jay got off to a flying start after attending the Property Investors Crash Course in December 2019. Fired up by Samuel Leeds’ mantra of ‘big energy means big bank,’ the rap artist and teacher used his new-found knowledge to source an HMO deal in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Jay planned to pass the deal to a co-sourcer who would sell it to an investor, and they would share the fee. But then Covid-19 came along and all conveyancing stopped as house moves were delayed by the UK government to halt the spread of the disease. 

As a result, no funds came through from the deal. Added to this blow, Jay narrowly missed out on a teaching job. Suddenly he found himself in lockdown in March 2020 with a wife and newborn baby to support, but with no money coming in.

It was disheartening but Jay refused to be defeated. He took a bold step in the circumstances by paying £1,000 for further advanced training with Property Investors.

Jays says sourcing that initial deal gave him the confidence to ‘stay in the field and keep pushing himself to succeed as a full-time property entrepreneur.

“Although I didn’t get one single penny for six months, that deal kept me going. I knew if I spent a month with Samuel on training, it would push me forward.”

Jay signed up for Property Investors’ Lease Options Boots Camp so that he could sell lease option deals to investors and then booked himself onto the advanced coaching programme.

“I thought of the advanced coaching as my lockdown training. What was great is that we got the content up front, with calls once a week from Samuel and four weekly webinars on a Monday night which was a great way to start the week.

“I think the key was to take massive action in between the calls to get the most out of it. If you get information that’s one thing but no one learns to ride a bike from just reading about it. You’ve got to go out and do it.”

Jay was determined to grasp the nettle and began looking on the Gumtree website for leads and calling lots of agents and landlords.

“I didn’t secure a lease option deal, but I became very comfortable with the whole process of calling people and looking for deals.”

After this, he decided to switch his activities to looking for rent-to-rent deals instead. That was when his fortunes turned around. He scoured SpareRoom for more leads and on his fifth call spoke to a landlord who owned a five-bedroom house in Coventry. 

“The landlord lived in London and during Covid times wasn’t bothered to come up and down to check the property, so we agreed a guaranteed monthly rent of £1,250 which would make the investor a profit of £700.”

Jay then passed on the deal to a co-sourcer who sold it to an investor on his database. Since then his investment in property training has more than paid off.

In just three months, he has sourced a total of seven property deals, selling them through a co-sourcer and picking up £8,000 in commission. 

Eventually, he hopes to hold on to some of these deals himself, but says he wants to become a ‘deal sourcing machine’ first.

Samuel Leeds

Tea bag idea proves a winner

Demonstrating his desire to succeed, Jay sent out 250 letters to landlords in Coventry to try to get more property deals. With each letter, he enclosed a sachet of tea to attract their attention.

Out of those letters, he now has access to two portfolios and three other properties which he intends to sell as rent-to-rent deals to social housing providers.

“These organisations need accommodation in bulk for homeless people. There’s a big demand for that. So, I’m hoping I can match these portfolios with social housing providers, rather than looking for individual investors.”

Jay will charge a commission per property to reflect the time and money he has invested in acquiring the skills of a deal sourcer.

“Before the Property Investors Crash Course, I didn’t know how to work out the return on investment or what landlord letters were. I didn’t know how to find a portfolio. I’ve had to invest into this, so I’ve got to value my skills by charging a middle fee. I will still be co-sourcing but ultimately there will be bigger projects as well that I will be dealing with.”

Jay had previously tried Forex trading and network marketing to boost his income but had dismissed property investing as being too complicated and boring.

He changed his mind at the Property Investors Crash Course when he found himself on stage, pitching a deal to around 1,000 people and making calls.

“I’m a teacher and I was so impressed by the crash course. There was group work, good interaction and people were going upstairs to do their calls. They were moving around rather than just being like zombies. You need high energy to retain what you’re being taught.

“But with any training twenty percent is Samuel Leeds, eighty percent me. Ultimately, you can’t do my press-ups or pick up the phone for me.”

Samuel Leeds

Jay’s tips


  • If you want to be a property entrepreneur, know why you want it and write it down. I wanted to become successful for my wife and son.
  • Once you know why you want it, consider how much you want to make each month. Have a target.


  • Then decide how you are going to achieve that income and get the cash flowing. 


  • Of course, you can get educated on YouTube or take a course, but it has to be cemented with a deep desire to succeed. If you really want to do it, you won’t give up when it’s difficult.


Samuel Leeds’ verdict


“One of the reasons Jay has been successful is because he has taken mad action. There are a lot of talkers out there, but there are very few who will walk the walk. I’m really proud of him and I really appreciate that he’s written a rap tribute for me. No one’s ever done that for me before! I’m really touched by it and thankful. I think we need to turn this into a song.


“Every week I interview one of my success students for the Winners on a Wednesday series on my YouTube channel and its things like this that give me my mission.”


Extract from Jay’s ode to Samuel


Until October 2019 before Covid I avoided property

Saw your YouTube videos at a social media distance 

Until your crash course broke the resistance 

Crash course changed course 

People learning 

Strong force 

Property fun as Sam talks 

First time and I present a deal on stage 

First time and I saw everybody engaged 

First time and I worked out ROI on a deal 

First time and property became real 

Transformation not just information 

Phone calls, calculations, collaboration, dedications 

For free 

What a foundation 

I wouldn’t have these HMO leads without Leeds 

Now rent-to-rent pays the rent 

Wife content because of your content 

Always giving out your resources as soon as 

Giving out money like Rishi Sunak 

Haters really jab you 

Upper cut you each day 

But you get off the canvas 

Fight back like AJ 

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