“I’ve Made More Money In Lockdown Than Ever Before” – Dr. John Demartini

Samuel Leeds

“I’ve Made More Money In Lockdown Than Ever Before” – Dr. John Demartin

Dr. John Demartini is an investor who buys profitable companies and in my recent interview with him I tried to understand his take on real estate and crypto investments.

I’ve spoken to a lot of investors and I don’t think there’s one right answer to investments because everybody’s perspective, depending on what you know is different.

I don’t understand cryptocurrencies at all. 

For me to invest in crypto currencies would just be a complete gamble. 

As for property investing, I know it’s very safe because I risk assess it and do due diligence properly as I know what I’m dealing with.

Here’s what Dr. John Demartini had to say concerning my interview questions.

What have you invested in?

I buy companies that serve ever greater numbers of people.

I define an investment as some product service or idea that serves ever greater numbers of people that’s not a zero sum game, but a non zero sum game. 

For instance, toilet paper is something everybody’s going to use for as long as we’re around, toothpaste, deodorant and anything that is a service or a product that people will use and the population will grow their brand names and their things that are staples. 

I’m not much into speculation. I buy quite diverse across the sectors with indices. 

I keep my costs down, my turnover down and reinvest dividends.

I’ve been doing it for thirty eight years basically and I’ve been very blessed by the returns. 

During this Corona virus pandemic, I’ve actually made more money than ever in history.

I make sure that no matter what goes on in the market, I win. 

I’ve structured my portfolio and structured my investment strategies to be where if it goes up, I win and If it goes down I still win.

What’s your take on real estate property?

real estate

I know some very wealthy people in the real estate market. 

They bought properties, they developed it by putting rental and commercial houses together and extracted on top of each other and they rebuilt cities and have done extraordinary things. 

Some of the biggest wealth has come from that. But it also takes a bit of a focus. And I have to factor in the time, thought, focus and the cost of that.

I just do what works for me based on what my needs are as a speaker. 

But I certainly know people and I’ve spoken of many property investment programs where they’ve made fortunes and I encourage people to do it. I travel full time. I don’t live anywhere. And so I like to make sure that I have access to the liquidity that I do.

In the London School of Economics, there’s a credit summary rating that comes out of there every year. 

It’s the greatest source of information on investment probably in the world. There’s 120 year track record of documenting every market in the world. 

Summarizing it, and I’ve watched that for many years, and I’m certain from looking at the stats why I put my money where I do, I’ve been doing quite a bit of studies on it now and I definitely know that there’s some people that really love the real estate market.


What’s your take on Cryptocurrencies?

Samuel Leeds

The crypto-currency market for me I didn’t feel when I investigated that they had a way they were set up on the block chain in mining. 

I didn’t think that was a wise investment. 

Not that it’s bad for brokers to buy and sell. But as far as holding that and doing that, I didn’t think that had a long term future as well as buying quality companies that serve people. So I’d rather be involved in serving people.


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