Know your FIGURES 100%!! Rent to HMO’s | Thoughtful Thursday #10

This week’s episode of thoughtful Thursday features property investor Paul Tiller. A man known for his numbers and being extremely stringent in making sure that all figures are correct.

Due to this, Samuel wanted to sit down and have deep dive discussion on the finer details when it comes to calculating ROI and how a lot of investors get this wrong. When purchasing any properties making sure that ROI is good should be one of the key factors when investing.

Samuel believes that when you are looking at properties to invest. You should be looking for at 25% return on your investment. Being able to do this can be a tedious process but following the correct formulas, it can be achieved correctly.

Paul over the years has created a process that he follows that allows him to find properties in his patch along with his spreadsheet. It will outlay the ROI and from there he will decide if the property is ideal for him to buy.

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