Samuel Pledges £10,000 if Corbyn Wins

Property tycoon thanks Corbyn for helping entrepreneurs get cut-price house deals – and pledges £10,000 to charity if Labour wins election

One of the country’s top property investors says fear of Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next Prime Minister has enabled entrepreneur landlords to clinch cut-price housing deals.

But he is so confident that the Labour leader will not be moving into Number 10 he has pledged £10,000 to a social media follower’s favourite charity if he is proved wrong.

Samuel Leeds, founder and chair of Property Investors – the largest training organisation of its kind in Europe –  says the housing market has been paralysed in recent weeks by the thought of the Labour leader winning the General Election.

“Buyers are really scared that Labour will get in and have been holding off purchasing because of Corbyn’s policies. Consequently sellers have been struggling and open to offers.


“The Corbyn domino effect has enabled investors throughout the country, including me, to negotiate fantastic deals recently. I guess we are the people he would least like to help. I’m not sure Jeremy would be so happy to realise he has opened the way for private landlords to snap up buy-to-lets at below market value. And it’s all because of a false belief, in my view, that he could get into power. You couldn’t make it up!”

The 28-year-old multi-millionaire says it would be disastrous news for property investors and landlords should Labour get in.

“I like some of their policies, such as ensuring that tenants on benefits have their rent paid directly to the landlord. Labour’s pledge to offer land at a cheap price for low cost housing projects also makes sense.



“But Corbyn is an extreme socialist. He wants to introduce rent controls for private tenants rather than allowing the market rate to prevail. Even worse, he wants house prices linked to local income levels and to stop people selling the properties they own for the true market value. That level of state control is plain wrong –  it should be down to supply and demand.  He also wants to introduce open ended tenancies which would really be unfair to landlords.”

Samuel Leeds made his charity pledge during a routine Q&A session on social media. He was asked what impact a Corbyn government would have on property entrepreneurs.

He replied: “None because they won’t get in. If Labour wins the election and Jeremy Corbyn ends up as Prime Minister, I will donate £10,000 to your favourite charity!”

The tycoon left school with nothing at 16, but could have retired by the time he was 21 as a result of shrewd property investments. He recently moved his company HQ from the Midlands to Marylebone in central London and has a large social media following. His regular property crash courses are attended by up to 1,000 people from an average of 17 countries. One of his videos for budding property investors alone attracted 1.5 million hits.

He describes Jeremy Corbyn as a dinosaur intent on crushing people who become successful.

“The Labour Party rhetoric is really offensive to people like me who have worked relentlessly to make their dreams come true. Jeremy Corbyn won’t become Prime Minister because it is obvious to so many people that he is not a credible candidate.

“He appears to hate very successful people who have become wealthy through their own efforts. Yet my success has enabled me to employ people in the Midlands and London,  contribute a handsome amount to the public purse in the form of tax and make a significant difference to villages, schools and hospitals in Uganda. I am very proud of that.

“Every week we see people from different cultures and backgrounds becoming financially free through investing in property. Many have achieved fantastic incomes and are using it responsibly.

“Nobody should be made to feel bad because they have money – money is not inherently good or evil in itself. It depends purely on how it is used.”

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