Lease options explained

Lease Options Explained

Going to the Baker Street property event? Well, Samuel was there recently and he spoke about one of the many ways you can generate serious profit in property. His speech about lease options explained the way it works, how to approach it and why it’s lucrative. If you’re searching for ‘lease options explained’, you might be overwhelmed with jargon. Well, in this video you’ll get it described to you in simple, straightforward terms – the typical Samuel Leeds style. Of course, there are numerous strategies to earn money in property investment. Lease options are one of the most attractive ‘no money down’ deals you can do.

Essentially, a lease option is when you buy the property now but pay for it at a later date. Some people do this with other purchases such as holidays and cars. However, once you’ve been on your holiday and the time to pay has arrived, the value has gone! Similarly, with a vehicle, the value diminishes. With property, the value will inevitable rise and continue to increase. This means you’re building a considerable margin from the time you take over until it’s time to pay.

This strategy propelled Samuel’s career in property when he was just 17. It’s what helped his portfolio to blossom at such a young age. The vendor enjoys the fast transaction and the ability to move on with their lives swiftly. You benefit from owning a property with no money down while reaping the cash flow and capital appreciation. Online there are hundreds of people who have negative equity and would like an investor like you to swoop in with a lease option offer.

What should you say when you speak to the vendor? Find out in the video!

Why would anyone want you to have the house and pay later? Find out in the video!

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