Making £8000 a month with NO MONEY DOWN Deals | Winners on a Wednesday #47

Welcoming the winner of the first series of The Eviction Show Anthony Wilmott.

Today he sits down Samuel for episode #47 of Winners on a Wednesday. A year on after making his first appearance things are little different for Anthony. He has gone on to make a killing in the property game while winning the £20,000 cash prize on the eviction.

After winning the eviction Anthony was able to complete on the deals that he acquired throughout the show with his joint venture group. Which at the time were 5 lease options that didn’t initially required no money. Nearing the contract signing it was revealed they would need to put in £12,000 into the properties. Which in hindsight for 5 apartments still represented good business. The profit that they will be creating a profit of £500-£600 per apartment.

The past year it’s been a dramatic learning curve for Anthony. Since his first steps into the property game he has grown a tremendous amount and learned a lot. Not only about the property but himself too. He has created a new property venture with fellow academy member and eviction cast mate James Armstrong.

Together they have struck up a great working relationship. That is already reaping such great business benefits in a short space of time. James has excellent property contacts and can secure a high amount of investors while Anthony finds the deals. It’s something that is working and growing at a phenomenal rate.

Besides the growth of his business and the financial rewards, the maturation in Anthony is clear to see and is something that Samuel is very proud of and wants for all his students. Anthony points out that instead of chasing the money. It’s better to chase personal growth and develop personal relationships.  Now earning a profit of £8,000 Anthony attributes this to taking action for him it all started at the crash course like it has for many people.