Making a six-figure salary!

Making a six-figure salary: Through Property Development.

Making a six-figure salary, how!? With millions of pounds worth of deals in the pipeline, these two business partners have taken the world by storm. From buying land and building houses to renovating a castle. They’ve both been through the trenches when it comes to property development. But have you ever wondered how to even begin to invest in property development deals? Or perhaps you wish to become a property developer yourself and make a six-figure salary. Truth be told it’s not always easy, but by far are the rewards worth the long hours. Be sure to watch the full video!


Ben Machekayanga used to work hard making other people rich, now Ben works hard with his team to make themselves rich and there is no greater feeling in life. Ben Machekayanga has been in the construction industry for over sixteen years and now makes a six-figure salary.

It’s no lie that when it comes to property development, there is a multitude of highs and lows. As Ben says you have to “Roll with the punches” and in this episode, Samuel and Ben explore large personal failures and the struggles of investing in very large property development deals. But where there are downs their are ups and later they discuss how to make six-figures and the importance of giving yourself enough of a profit cushion to see you through the deals.

Watch the full video for all this and much, much more!


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