Monday motivation

Monday Motivation

Are you ready for some Monday motivation? If you have a job, you might be wondering how to have Monday motivation. It’s a common theme. Let’s start with a reflection exercise. Ask yourself whether you have an employee mindset or an entrepreneurial mindset. Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean you can’t have a job, after all, you could be an intrapreneur. An employee mindset is when you trade your time for money. Successful folks don’t do that, they trade their value for money instead. That value exchange could last 20 days, 20 hours, 20 seconds or it could just be a one-off service. It’s about how much value is given and what that is worth.

If you find yourself turning up to work to just clock in and clock out, you’re going to lose. You need to start thinking about how you can add more value to your workplace. What can you do to make your boss feel embarrassed that they haven’t promoted you, noticed you or given you a pay rise. Any smart manager will see added value and reward it. If you don’t want to do this or you do this and the rewards don’t come, you are in the wrong place. Get out of there and find something new where you’ll be passionate about putting work in and you’ll be given your merits for doing so.

Today is the day that you stop dreaming without doing. You will stop saying what you will do ‘one day’. It’s important that you draw a line under all your excuses and eradicate feelings of entitlement. Work on adding value to the table until you get what you deserve. If you aren’t receiving credibility and recognition, it’s possible that you simply aren’t doing enough or you’re not good enough. It’s essential that you’re completely honest with yourself and acknowledge the value of your performances at work.

There’s more advice in the video.

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