Mother & Daughter start Property Empire worth £££ | Winners on a Wednesday #41

A long-time student of Samuel Leeds Nse Murray and her daughter Genevieve. After reaching the ultimate goal of financial freedom Nse finally sits down with Samuel. They discuss the start of her property journey and how with the help of the academy and available training courses she was able to take her property expertise to the next level.

Before being introduced Samuel Nse who is original from Nigeria. Had collected already a small collection of buy to lets that she was making small around £2,500 per month.  They signed up for the academy at the crash course. Two days later they were able to land there first service accommodation property.

This deal landed £800 per month in profit. The impetus that Samuel instilled not only in Nse but her daughter began to be a driving factor in their search for financial freedom.  Through the training they have attended their attitude to growth and development has superseded what they initially thought it was going to be.

Even after already investing properties Nse felt that there was another level she could reach. This is what sparked the initial idea to attend a property investors crash course. Growing from strength to strength has seen her monthly income come in at £10,000.