My Best Advice For Property Beginners w No Money & No Deals

Samuel Leeds

My Best Advice For Property Beginners w No Money & No Deals

Hello, I’m Samuel Leeds. Today, I’m to give you the best advice to let you start property investment even if you don’t have money and deals. I’m in the property business for 12 years and became a multi-millionaire at 29 years of age. I become successful in property investments by negotiating the best deals and inviting people to set up for joint ventures with me. So hear me out!

How to get started?

For property investments, you need money and deals. But where to get the money and fetch deals in the first place? I start my career simply by making the right moves. In other words, when you start taking the right moves when you become seasoned at it. 


Why are the right moves so important? 

There’re unlimited property deals just waiting for you to make your right move. So you won’t get any deals if you don’t know what to look for, or how to negotiate deals. 


When to start? 

Right now! The property business is open. Just find out the right people and negotiate good deals as they’re everywhere if you know how to negotiate them. 


A grave mistake to avoid

Most people save their money in the banks to get enough money for investment. But that’s where most people go wrong. By the time people save enough money to start their property investments, half of the prices have gotten up. Then they get stuck in the vicious cycle of saving more money and losing more time. 

 So, where are you going to get money for property investments? 

I got money by using other people’s money. Most people with billions of pounds save money in the banks, thus, depreciating the currency. The bank gives them hardly 0.3% to 0.9% returns for keeping their money. The returns are not worth it if they start from zero. So approach those people with your joint venture offer and make use of the money that’s going to depreciate anyway. 

For example: Give me half of your savings for the deal. I’ll give you a 10% guaranteed return on investment. 

Thus, altogether you would be getting 20% for the same money. A classic example of a joint venture and equity financing, which is going to help you in the following ways: 


  • to buy properties
  • to get better at raising finance
  • to get better at negotiating deals
  • to develop more networks


Piece of the word: Complexity is the thief of execution. Therefore, everything will look easy when you become good at it. 


Wrapping up!

So, the best way to get rich is as simple as reading a Sunday newspaper, where almost 95% of the people are now investing in property.  

Thus, If you also want to have financial freedom, learn negotiating skills, and find new investors for joint ventures, you need to join my free webinar to learn these skills by clicking the link below and getting yourself registered. Also, if you like my blog, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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