My First R2SA Tour – Serviced Accommodation Heathrow London

Samuel Leeds

My First R2SA Tour – Serviced Accommodation Heathrow Londo

I spent some time with my former student as I had a look at what he was into at the moment.

In this article, i’ll be discussing with Assad on what he’s doing and how he’s been able to reach where he is right now. He is also in a massive construction that is about to start by the end of this year or probably, has already started.


How are the Profits like?

Profit is hitting the one thousand mark which is not bad being my first time. But don’t get me wrong, I am a very conservative person as I will not talk about figures. 

I don’t have much money as I just tried to minimize costs and So, I think having zip bags is good for me instead of having to buy the diabetes one.

When you messaged me, I was coming for a viewing in Windsor as I want another apartment there by the end of November. 

Good. And you’re sticking to your plan so far? Yeah. Yeah, I you know, I have to stick to it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be. Otherwise, you die.

Once I get out of my job as I’ve been enjoy doing this, I’ll commit myself fully because I like meeting people. My mom also does not allow me to meet people as I have a family I happen to think and I can’t help at the moment.


How long is your contract?

I’m trying to come off it in as much as I’m being optimistic and I’m also trying to make sure I cover myself and kiss off because the world is passing through a product that no one knows what is going to happen next. 

As long as I’m happy and the landlord is happy, then everyone is happy.

What happens after six months if the landlord says as the landlord right. Closed after six months or just. Yeah, yeah. No worries.

If the landlord says that he wants to exercise the right tools and then I have to spend all the time and money again, then it sets up well as it’s a 50/50 decision but I hope he doesn’t come to that.

I think that the landlord is desperate to have a long term contract as I think he will be wishing that I continue to stay there.

If the landlord after six months exercises the right clause, he has to reimburse for all the furniture that was to be put in and I think this is just a way of preventing them from doing that. 

OK, so if you exercise the right clothes and you say, actually, I’m out.

Yeah. You’ve not cost around any money. Yeah. Because the landlord, he’s not lost anything. You just give it back if he exercises the right clause.


My Conclusion

It might be worth it if you put it in the contract that, we’ll have a breakdown of the three months after six months if I walk away and no penalties because I’ve already invested in stuff in the apartment. 

And it doesn’t matter if he pulls away because, It’d be a shame if providing him a good service, he doesn’t want to manage it himself. This  just makes you more protected as the break clause needs to  protect you.

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