Overcoming Challenges for Property SUCCESS | Winners on a Wednesday #14

On this week’s episode of winners on a Wednesday Samuel has a detailed sit down with Anthony Wilmott. 

After attending Samuel’s Crash course in April followed by attending the DFE in September. Anthony is a prime example of how sometimes a property may not go the way you expect it too.

Currently based in Crewe and working in retail for 9 years as a manager. Anthony was faced with the reality that he was on the verge of being made redundant.

As his finances were about to be tested he reached out to his brother who advised him that he should get involved in property. Following the suggestion to watch Samuel videos on his highly popular YouTube channel he was sold on the prospect.    

Remaining persistent and disciplining your disappointment a quote that Samuel continues to reinforce to all his students has been at the forefront of Anthony’s quest to be financially free through property investing.

During the early stages of investing Anthony ran into a few stumbling blocks. The lack of time and money combined with struggling to establish himself into a viable brand, where investors would become more reluctant to go into business with him all attempted to derail his long-term goals.

Identifying the approach that needed to take has helped Anthony come up with a more consistent approach to property. As prior he was more focused on building long-term wealth whereas the objective, to begin with, should have been building short-term goals.

This approach would help alleviate the lack of brand which Anthony was experiencing with. This would enable him to get in with more contacts, build his brand get some sort of cash flow in which can then be reinvested into more properties.

It’s vital for any property investor to stick to procedure and always be prepared for worst as this kind of sector is highly predictable. Anthony continues to follow the steps that Samuel has taught during his advanced training courses.   

To achieve success in any field the best approach to take is to be on hands. “Don’t second guess yourself” Anthony passionately exclaims. Make sure preparation is in align with all the goals you set yourself and the challenges that will undoubtedly be ahead. 

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