People Laugh At My Dad’s Business Advice

Samuel Leeds

People Laugh At My Dad’s Business Advice

I remember walking around the piece of land, and I remember seeing it even when it wasn’t there, and then we built a plan and worked with the builders and finally got the house!

There is an adage that goes, “seeing is believing,” and I’ve heard it from so many people. In my opinion, the adage means that I’ll believe it when I see it. However, there’s a piece of advice my father gave me a long time ago, and he said, “Sometimes, you have to believe in it in order to see it!”

At that time, I thought the advice was very ‘spiritual,’ but as time passed, I have realized that it is true.

What my dad told me a while ago, I focus on spreading to people who look up at me in terms of property investing. When I shared this on my social media, a few people commented that this is the American personal development hocus pocus and that we need property development advice! However, I guarantee that the same people who have commented negatively on my post are not successful in property development.

My Experience With My Dad’s Advice

I built six houses last year. Before I built those houses, I remember walking around the property and visualizing how I wanted the house to be. I saw it in my head where and how I wanted the houses to be, built a plan, and executed it. And now, we have six houses!

That’s how you build property; that’s how you build businesses. You write a business plan, you see it, visualize it, write it down, and then you make it happen!

So, folks, this is not an American personal development trap; this is just it! You HAVE TO believe it so much so that you can see it in your head; you can visualize it, and write it down, and see it and make others see it.

This is not some spiritual advice; this is practical. This is what many business people do: they visualize what is going to happen; how a meeting is going to be like, and it happens!

If you’d like to have your dreams come true, start visualizing them now!

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