Pressure Selling Complaints

Samuel Leeds

Pressure Selling Complaints

I’ve just got a complaint from a couple from down in Ella. They said that I hard-sold them…PRESSURE-SOLD them! First, I pressure-sold them to come to the crash course. Then, I pressure-sold them to buy my training programs. Then I pressure-sold them to go into action to get some property deals. Then I pressure-sold them to keep going and become property-millionaires!

Now that they are property-millionaires, this is what they have to say about my hard-selling.

Question/Answer Session With Property Millionaires 

Samuel: So, at what point did you decide to come down to the crash course and join the academy?

Couple: It was a while ago, probably at the end of November last year, when we came down to the crash course. And we actually said that we wouldn’t get invested in the academy because we had taken a few courses before. However, when we were in the crash course, it kind of was a no-brainer that we should be going to the academy too. The strategies we have learned just from your YouTube videos are remarkable, and we figured if we could achieve so much just by watching you on YouTube, we would be achieving far more with your formal training.

Samuel: So you were at the receiving end of my ‘pressure selling’?

Couple: Haha! Actually, we were asking you about what we should be doing next, and the way you responded that it was completely up to us if we took the course or not made us think about it more seriously. Like we said before, the things we have achieved just with your YouTube videos and your crash course are amazing. We were able to refinance our first home just by watching your videos! So, it only made sense that we join your academy because if we could do so much with no support, imagine what we could achieve with support.

Samuel Leeds

Samuel: You’ve been doing business with a lot of Academy members?

Couple: Yeah! And we’ve done deals with you as well; there’s a lease option on the land. And we have several of the Academy members message us constantly asking what deals we have coming up, and anything they can get involved in, which is incredible.

Samuel: Before, you had the money for investing, and you had been looking at people with deals to decide which one to invest in. Now, you are in a position where people come to you for deals. Isn’t that amazing?

Couple: Yes, and it wasn’t even in our intention! We just posted something on social media about the deal we had done already, and from that post, we had an influx of people who wanted to invest with us. So, we created this investment opportunity. 

Samuel: And you are very active on Facebook, and you share a lot of positivity on there. If there is ever any negativity, you’re the first to comment, aren’t you?

Couple: Yeah, of course! If you can walk the walk, then why not? You know people message us a lot for their own deals, asking if we can help them because they are not sure how to go about with things. And this is like, eight months after the crash course. So, not sure how it is going to be in five years’ time, but hopefully it will be incredible!

Wrapping Up

So that’s down in Ella! Folks, every single week, we have winners on a Wednesday down in Ella. If you want to be interviewed in my living room about how to be financially free, how you can become property millionaires, then you are going to sell yourself! Sell yourself on your dreams!

I’ll sell you on my course! You can take my crash course for seven days on Property Investing for a pound. For 95 pounds a month, you can have coaching and mentoring too. So, keep selling yourself on your dreams, and hopefully, I’m going to see you soon in my living room




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