Property Market Update—MASSIVE CHANGES!

Samuel Leeds

Property Market Update—MASSIVE CHANGES!

Hey, I’m Samuel Leeds! I’m a property investor, and today, I’m going to talk about the massive change that’s going on in the world right now.

This change has been the most severe ever since I’ve been in this profession since 2009. The questions we need to ask is ‘what’s going to happen to the property industry?’ ‘Are things going to get better or worse?’ ‘What would happen to the rules of the property industry?’

The Property Market Is Booming 

Let me tell you something: the people who make the rules, such as the Stamp Duty, Furlough, etc. are the people who are already making a lot of money. During the lockdown here, you can’t go anywhere; you can’t visit your mom! But, they have left open the property market. I’m working on my properties right now as well. Therefore, I must say that the property market is booming.

We ran a deal-selling master class a week ago and there were tens of thousands of pounds made in the deal-selling master class. That is because people are wanting to buy properties. 22% of investors who are buying properties in Prime London are overseas investors who are not even looking at properties, but are buying blind. Therefore, this is the chance for you to stop waiting for a crash! Because as per my prediction, the property market is booming and will continue to boom.

Property Has Been Safe For Me

The Stamp Holiday has also been extended till March next year. The Furlough Scheme has also been extended till March next year. Isn’t it interesting that they’re planning on extending the lockdown for so long? A lot more people are going to get jobless and indebted. I’m really scared for people here.

You see, we have been told for a long time now to get a job and to be safe. When I was starting in property, everybody told me to be careful because it was risky. But now, I feel like property has saved me. A lot of businesses are going bust—even Richard Branson’s business is going bust.

So there are various ways to get into properties: you may find discounted properties, look for motivational buyers and pass those properties onto them—that’s a way to get an income. You may also go into rent-to-rent, they are still pretty valuable right now. Yes, tourism is dead, but a lot of business people are looking forward to staying in hotels. If you can turn your property into a hotel, you can become profitable.

Wrapping Up

These were just a few thoughts of mine that I wanted to share. I think this is a very interesting time to be alive. I would suggest you surround yourself with people who are winning; environment is everything.

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