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What Happens On The Property Millionaire Intensive

You'll learn all of the steps you need to take to help make your dreams a reality.

There were almost 40,000 new property millionaires last year in the UK alone. Samuel became a “Property Millionaire” at the age of 21 and there's nothing stopping you - simply by following the proven strategies that Samuel teaches at the ‘Property Millionaire Intensive’.

On this incredible programme, you will learn how people generate cash flow using a strategy called “Deal Selling”. Many of our students are earning between £6k and £30k per month just by following the exact formulas that you will learn at this programme.

You will also learn the genius strategy that Samuel is using right now to invest his money. It’s called Buy Refurbish Refinance, simply put, it’s a 3 step process:

When you’ve mastered the BRR strategy you will buy a property and then pull out all or most of the money that you initially invested. This means you can recycle your cash and grow your personal wealth. This is how millionaires invest in property. And lots more!!!

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