Property mogul helps Youtube star to become financially free following illness

Written by Matt Joy

A property mogul had come to the aid of a seriously ill Blackpool musician, helping him become financially free following his illness.

Thirty-four-year-old Glen Kirkham was struggling with debt after being diagnosed with a rare stomach tumour.

Glen, a Blackpool FC fanatic, is famous for his football-related YouTube channels which have more than 180,000 subscribers. His version of Band Aid’s charity chart-topper – entitled ‘119 Footballers 1 Christmas Song’ – went viral when it was released last year.

However, following the diagnosis, Glen says that he was put through hell and became overwhelmed at the prospect of his illness impacting his family’s security.

In an attempt to improve his financial situation, Glen visited a crash course which was being hosted by Beaconsfield based property entrepreneur Samuel Leeds.

Samuel then quickly became aware of Glen’s Youtube channel and was impressed with the production quality of the videos. He then agreed to go into business and helped to advice Glen about how to invest in property.

Glen said: “I was shaking with emotion because having that weight off my mind was just too much. I’ve never been good at financial stuff and had lots of debts.

“When I did some work for Samuel, I was amazed to see that even people with no money can benefit from property deals.

“Samuel told me what to do, but I did all the work myself including negotiating the prices.

“He took me to a networking event in London where I pitched the deals. That night I sold them for £8,000 which was unbelievable. I would normally work months on end to get that kind of money. It blew my mind to think I was effectively selling properties I didn’t even own.”

As a result of Samuel’s guidance, Glen now generates around £2,500 from properties he rents.


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