Property protege Hannah comes within a whisker of winning business contest!

A 26 year old Hemingford Grey woman came close to scooping a £20,000 prize in an Apprentice style property investing contest held in a 13th century castle.

Hannah Mills fought off fierce competition from budding entrepreneurs from all over the country to reach the final of The Eviction, held at Caverswall Castle in Staffordshire.

After three weeks of being put through a series of demanding challenges, 12 candidates had been thrown out, with only Hannah and one other contestant left to take the final test. Both had shone throughout and everything hinged on one final task – presenting a business plan of how they would invest the prize money in property. After undergoing a grilling, they were asked to wait outside the boardroom while their fate was decided.

The nervous pair were then summoned by the ‘Lord Sugar’ of the event, multi-millionaire businessman Samuel Leeds, chairman of Property Investors, a training company. Flanked by his brother Russell Leeds, chief executive of the firm and business partner Alasdair Cunningham, he revealed that the winner was not Hannah, but her rival Anthony Wilmott.

Hannah said, ” Twelve months ago, I knew nothing whatsoever about property investing and there was no way I thought I was going to get this far. But, as it went on, I became more and more determined to win it and make myself, and my partner proud. Winning £20,000 would have brought success in property investing a little closer for me, but not winning does not define my future. It will just take me longer to reach my goal.”

The result of Hannah’s journey has just been revealed in a five-part documentary about The Eviction on Youtube.

Article written by Katie Ridley

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