Property vs Career

Property vs Career

If you are trying match up property vs career, you’re probably in a 9-5 which you have acquired through hard work. Does having a property business mean you have to give that up? Of course not. Take a look at Stella, she’s a prime example of someone who was growing frustrated with the career ladder she was on in IT. She felt like a corporate slave, destined to churn out her hours for a mediocre cheque. Her lightbulb moment came after watching Samuel’s videos and realising property investment was a potential saviour.

The Success

Now, she finds herself in the hot seat on Winners on a Wednesday. How? She never imagined she would achieve it but she did. After attending the crash course and the advanced training, Stella got out there, rolled her sleeves up and found deals. She now enjoys the handsome proceeds from 4 different properties, none of which she even owns. Plus, she is still working at her regular job. The difference is she now goes from a position of choice and that brings a lot of benefits. She feels free, relaxed and in control.

Stella’s 4 deals earn her around £3000-£4000 per month. She has 3 rent-to-HMO deals and 1 rent-to-SA deal. Her desire is to leave her 9-5 behind completely and understands there needs to be a shift in mindset to make that happen. However, you might not want to do that. You could just be interested in having a supplementary income to make life easier. It’s entirely up to you. The choice is yours.

Watch the video to find out more about her story and the details behind her deals. How has she managed to acquire such freedom in a short period of time? The answer is education and application. If you gather all the theory, then make it practical before going out into the real world – your chances of success are increased.