Quick motivation tips

Quick motivation tips

Looking for quick motivation tips? First, we need you to close your eyes. Now, imagine your life if you had 12 more days than anyone else per month. Picture that. You’ve got an additional 144 days in the year compared to everybody else – wouldn’t that be such a great competitive advantage? You’d be killing it, right?! Well, this isn’t fantasy, this is real. What’s the secret? Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What are you doing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Sure, you could be at work during the day on Friday but how are you spending your evening? If you want to be extremely successful, you need to do what others won’t do. That could mean being more productive on Saturdays and Sundays. Does that mean you need to sacrifice all of your social activities? No. You simply have to make room for productivity. You can either trim your socialising down or wake up earlier than you currently do.

If you are reading this with slumped shoulders and a disappointed expression, entrepreneurial success probably isn’t your thing. However, if your eyes lit up and you had a lightbulb moment, you could be the next Branson, Sugar or Leeds. The opportunities are there for you and the extra time does exist – don’t use your schedule as an excuse. Your time is in your hands and it’s up to you to mould it towards your ultimate goals.

Once you’ve accepted you have more time than you thought, you are going to need to invest. The first investment must be in yourself. Whether you want to dive into property or not, you have to bless yourself with education, insight and knowhow. Gear yourself up to the teeth with knowledge, then make a start. Be obsessed about your chosen field of entrepreneurship, be passionate about your mission and be absolutely clear about your value proposition.

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