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Raising finance for the CASTLE!

In this week’s video, Samuel reveals what happened when he spoke to the owner of Ribbesford House. This was to put in an offer to extend their payment deadline. Technicalities meant raising the funds to complete in time was looking impossible!

The previous video ( saw Samuel worried that the deal could fall through. He wasn’t feeling confident that he could secure the castle and be the rightful owner. The previous video saw Russell, brother and business partner, stress how they wouldn’t be able to complete in time without the money. The question to the owner really was make or break!

Samuel revealed some devastating news.

Not only did the owner of the castle decline Samuel’s offer of paying half now and half later, but he also served the brothers notice. Due to this anti-climax and worrying result, it was now Samuel’s mission to overcome his frustration and arrange an emergency boardroom meeting to find a solution of raising the finance.

Upon arrival at the Samuel Leeds Ltd offices at Hilton Hall, Wolverhampton, Samuel met with brother and business partner Russell to configure a plan B, get a strategy in place and give it everything they have got secure the beautifully historic castle!

Later in the video, Property Sourcer and Samuel’s friend Elliot Spencer stated,

“I have known Samuel since we were both five years old, we went to school together, and I know that if anybody can pull this deal off, its going to be Samuel Leeds”

After working tirelessly all day making phone calls, working with the team and frantically trying to raise the money, it was clear to see that Samuel and Russell had…

In fact wait – you will have to watch the video to find out!

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