Rent to rent deals

Rent to rent deals

Are you wondering how to do rent to rent deals? There are several components which make up a successful rent to rent business. It’s not complicated but there are nuances and details which need to be ironed out before you’re likely to earn substantial amounts. You’re reading this because you are trying acquire an additional revenue stream. Maybe you’re eager to replace your career or you simply want something to supplement your existing income.

The premise of the rent to rent deal is quite straightforward. Consider the fact that most landlords all want the same thing. They are looking to be paid without hassle. This means they would rather not have to deal with maintaining the property, managing the tenants and dealing with payments. Some of them want to have a hands-off, easy life and just watch the money roll in. That’s where you come in. You are the enthusiastic, professional, eager entrepreneur who has time and is willing to take the stress out of the situation. Your value proposition is simple – you’re offering guaranteed rent, no voids and no hands-on involvement.

As you’re booking a viewing and negotiating with the landlord, you need to portray confidence. There is no reason for you to be anxious or feel like you’re doing something wrong. Rent to rent is perfectly legal. Make sure you explain concisely that you are offering a corporate let agreement which means you will be letting the property out to your clients. The main thing to convey is that you are giving the landlord guaranteed rent.

Want more? If you want more information on what to say, how to say it and the mistakes you should avoid – watch the video (and please share it). Better yet, attend the free Crash Course by clicking here!


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