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Time well spent. I attended the virtual crash course on Saturday and it was great.
The course is great, with the Samuel365 you get more than just training, there are elements within the platform the are good for business and for personal needs.Thank you Property-Investors
Its trill, don't think about it just do it! **he made me write this*
I attended yesterday 9th January 2021 the Virtual Crash Course and really enjoyed it.Excellent Work Samuel and team 👏 👍I highly recommend anyone to attend this course particularly those like me who are new to the property world.
Absolutely brilliant, the whole course was inspiring and bursting with energy which will drive me forward, thank you to Samuel and his team!
It was absolutly fantastic, its a long day, and virtual so your at the computer, but even though you are behind a screen, Samuel and the team still manage to keep the energy high and make you feel included amoung the hundreds of other people there.The content was exactly what you would expect and want from a crash course with so much information that at the end of the day I felt a bit dazed, in a good way though, and had so much enthusiasm !
On the 9th January 2021 I attended the all day Virtual Property Investors Crash Course and was pleasantly surprised how useful the content of this course was.
Samuel had already changed my life and mindset as a subscriber and assiduous watcher of his youtube content.
The quality information, style of teaching, and the genuine spirit of all speakers came through very clearly.
The course was very informative , I enjoyed it and it made me feel more confident in pursing my goals.
The Virtual Crash Course Training was a phenomenal experience. It was full of energy for the whole 11 hours and very informative.
Whether you are completely new to the world of property or an absolute expert I think that everyone can benefit from joining Samuel365.
Amazing! . Great content and the information they provide is very beneficial, if you are looking to invest in property.
Great experience. Really engaging and first time in the world of property.
One of my friend referred me and i joined a free session but it was actually eyes opener and a lot of understanding and helped me to make my mind to work in property field.
It was amazing!100% recommend! 😀
Information I'll never forget and will genuinely change my life if I invest in myself and use it, it's worked for others so I don't doubt it can work for me!
Amazing, eye opening , real life course content . Beyond satisfactory, gave me the skills I needed to start selling (DSM).
I’ve just completed a deal selling masterclass online what an amazing course I’ve learned so much on finding investors becoming compliant and selling and packaging the deals.
Thank you!
You will not regret it.
Absolutely amazing and helpful people .
I've just finished the deal sourcing course and it's really informative and filled with great advice. it's really kind of you!
Just signed up with the Samuel365, tons of great resources that I have been going through!!
Thank you Samuel it was really useful!
I'm a Samuel365 member an i think its nothing less from fantastic that they help me every week on a personal level with the deals i find and how to aproach them.They've chainged my life on many different levels and keep on doing that every week.Thank you so much Samuel and Russel i also never met real mentors that would help me for under 25,- a week.
Very happy with the training and support that Samuel365 has to offer!
Absolutely great experience from many various features of the course.
highly motivating, educational and easy to understand. I will continue watching and learning.
After one week of courses and plenty of opportunity for one to one and group coaching i am incredibly happy with the training Samuel, Russell and the team...
I joined Samuel365 about 6 months ago. Amazing support from the Leeds brothers with live webinars every week where you can get all your questions answered by...
This platform is awesomely amazing and for me to say it is highly valuable seems like an understatement.
Best training I have ever done, hands down! I look forward to learning more and working hard towards my financial freedom!!
Comprehensive training with great coverage. Constant value.
Great course highly recommend it, Samuel knows what he is talking about.
The webinars, the calls, the response and support from him and all the other trainers, the sheer energy and the way he delivers his courses are the most motivational and inspirational I have seen yet.. makes me really driven to succeed in this industry!
What Samuel teaches, however, is not only awe-inspiring but is also practical and usable - techniques which are both effective and easy to understand to fully maximise the potential you have to property develop/invest.
Great course! Very informative however one of the videos doesn't work. Module 4 lesson 8: Another use for auction.
great course, learnt the process well as easy to follow
Thank you so much for providing the valuable information in webinar.
Amazing well educated team!! Full of knowledge and give great mentorship
Thanks for the deal selling extravaganza on Samuel Leeds 365! The online trainings opened my eyes big time!
Loved the energy and being in the room with other 1000+ people all with the same mindset and desire to get involved in property was a great experience.
Awesome team. Got so many free content (youtube videos and books) from Samuel. Their free info is highly appreciated. Keep going Samuel!!!
Just completed the Samuel Leeds Deal Selling Masterclass and it was a very informative course. This is not a get rich quick scheme.
Amazing 2 days! Thanks to Samuel, Alasdair & all the Team. Made some great new Contacts.
Thank you Samuel and all the training team, also all the fantastic people I got to meet and network with!
I signed up to Samuel Leeds Academy and have continued to feel delighted, changing my life for good bit by bit......God bless you Samuel for the great value you bring.
Truly great events- learnt so many eye opening facts about property which has led to a change in my mindset.
It was brilliant! I learned so much and was able to meet really lovely like minded people. The speakers give you practical steps to help you.