Samuel Leeds is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 849 reviews from around the Web.
Amazing experience! I learnt so much in a fun and friendly environment and met some great people!
Great setup and very friendly staff
This man is changing lives for the better, helping them become financially free!!!That's AWESOME!!!!!๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Žโคโคโค๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†
Genuine and helpful company with lots of information to give! Spiced with a high spirit!!
One of the most impactful, inspiring property seminars I have been to. Surpassed my expectations.
Have to say one of the best experiences Iโ€™ve had at the crash course first and then the DFE three day training course. Well worth the money.
It was an amazing event with lots of energy and great sharing of wisdom and knowledge.I learnt a fair amount of new things which goes to show there is always more to learn and it is always worth keeping an open mind.
Samuel really dumbs down getting deals and shows you exactly how itโ€™s done on stage.....incredible.
Super cool, super genuine, ethical, honest Jedi master
The energy was incredible and my mindset has been shifted.
Thank you for the fantastic 2 days crash course.
He is a very good person to listen too. I cannot recommend him enough for a quick start in-property. Go onto his training course. Itโ€™s free.
Samuel Leeds is brilliant, highly recommended for property education I have already learned so much from him.
Excellent, great information delivered in a friendly easy to understand style. Thanks Anderson
Really enjoyed the crash course
Samuel leeds provides great content, he's very informative and feeds you good contagious energy. The passion is evident.*****
The videos are very useful and help you think of all the issues that may arise.
Samuel is the most influential man I have ever met I would recommend his crash course to anyone and everyone. You would be silly to miss it
Samuel, Russell and Alasdair are 3 of the most inspirational people youโ€™ll meet.
A mass of valuable knowledge, efficient, and helpful!
What an incredible experience! We were so impressed by the whole team and the presentation that we all signed up for the Academy!
Phenomenal Value, There are courses out there that cost thousands that don't come anywhere near as good as what you get here for free!
Knowledge, Action and Money in that order. Get yourself down to the crash course!!!!!
Fantastic Crash Course!
Best property investment course I have attended and I have been to a few. I will be coming back to the crash course soon for a refresher.
I would recommend to anyone who wants serious results
Carsh course it was the Best property event I have been attended. I love every Single second in crash course.
Crash course super amazing. He makes it seem so easy
Best property event ihave been to infact best event I have attended samuel talked with alot of energy for hours telling us practical things to do I didnt even want to leave it was a lovelly loving environment its inclusive the VIP treatment was for world cup I loved every thing about this crash course and I will definitely be doing it again.Samuel Leeds is such a genuine guy and he really cares as cheesy as that sounds loved it loved it I wud reccomend everyone to go to this
I even got on stage, the vibe was absolutely great. Found a lot of new people who I can potentially partner up with.
There are some amazing people there. Please please go I 100% recommend going. You wonโ€™t regret it
Excellent training
Such a positive environment, so energetic and the friendliest people around me. I couldn't fault anything, I loved every second.
From the short time we stayed we thoroughly enjoyed it and the energy from Samuel is amazing.
He is very Inspiring, Open and Honest. This is like a paid course but for free.
Attended a two days crash course in Birmingham.Learnt alot about property investment.Samuel is a nice person wants to help people to be financial free by using his step by step guard to property investment business.Loved every minute of the crash course.
Learnt so much and got so much value for a free course - I would have definitely paid to attend it.
What an amazing experience! Kudos to the whole Samuel Leeds team!
Amazing 2 day course in Birmingham! So much value for a free course it's ridiculous. Would recommend to anyone.
I must say it was very good indeed. This time was to wait. It is a lot of money and Ive requested a call back.
No boring presentation, lots of great stories, live demos of how to find great property deals, live phone calls with agents, plus a lot more.
High Five and praise the Lord ๐Ÿ˜‰
Great venue in Birmingham and the staff were friendly and very helpful, I highly recommended
Attended Birmingham this week, great vibe, info and people . Thank you.
You get what you see from the main man who has done it himself, . If you're not here, you surely missing out
All face delima's hardships.My own opinions expressed may help you become the game changer not the moaning groaning about this that, stand up become the changer don't rely in governments, uplifting people's lives will give you greater innermost investment.
Fantastic venue and location. Samuel and the team were on point. Highly recommend the crash course. It was a fun time!
Amazing event. Samuel is someone who is full of energy and walks the walk. The 2 days were packed with loads of content. Plus itโ€™s Free!!!
Samuel you are the best human being on earth, thank God he put you on this island!!
Great energy gets everyone involved and engaged. I attended for two days and it's incredible what you will pick up in such short time.