Samuel Leeds hits back at Joe Lycett claims

Samuel Leeds


The ‘Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back’ programme screened on Channel 4 made several allegations about Samuel Leeds and Property Investors. Samuel says the show was supposed to be funny and in parts was ‘so wrong it was hilarious.’ Here he explains why people should consider his side of the story before rushing to judgement. Remember with the new Samuel365 course you can get seven days online training for £1 – and make your own mind up.  Find out more about Samuel365

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly comments
Let’s start off with a good comment. Joe Lycett described me on his show as a ‘Christian rock God.’ While I doubt his sincerity, I’d like to thank him because I’ve never been called that before, and I quite like the description.

I wasn’t too chuffed, though, when his comic sidekick Katherine Ryan called me ‘unattractive.’ Personally I would never be so cutting about a person’s looks. Haven’t we moved on from those kind of insults in 2020? I guess I can take that one on the chin, because my beautiful wife tells me I’m handsome – and she never fibs! So that’s dealt with the ugly comment.

Joe Lycett’s show is supposed to be funny, and in parts his feature on me was so wrong it was hilarious. But I stopped laughing when he called me ‘sticky Sam’ and a ‘brazen get rich quick scammer.’ Those are the really bad comments. Woah Joe, that is WAY below the belt. I’m no fraudster. I know you’re supposed to be a comedian but those are serious things to say and I need to address them.

Passionate selling or high pressure selling?
Joe Lycett says I engage in an ‘aggressive form of pressure selling which artificially creates a hugely pressured and tense atmosphere.’ He says these techniques are outlawed under section 7 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading regulations.

Joe, there’s a big difference between being a ‘high pressure seller’ who forces people to buy dodgy products and a ‘passionate seller’ who is selling strategies that he knows work and can benefit people. I charge £1 for people to attend the type of weekend crash course that Joe Lycett gate-crashed. For this tiny booking fee, and you get several hours packed of training, including live demonstrations on how to find deals and negotiate them. I am extremely generous with the information I give out.

Each physical event costs my company tens of thousands of pounds to stage, because I have to pay the venue and of course other running costs such as my staff.

Well what a surprise then that at some stage during the course there is a ‘sales pitch’ for advanced paid-for training and the opportunity to join my academy. Of course I ‘passion’ sell those courses and I make no apology for doing so.

I don’t believe my audience consists of stupid people who will sign up for anything pushed in front of them. The truth is some people arrive feeling sceptical but decide to judge me on the content of the course. Some are impressed enough to embark on my advanced training programmes.

I admit I generate a high energy atmosphere in the room, because I want people to stay alert throughout the day to take in the vast information. I also encourage them to take part in looking for deals and most say that the full event goes by in a flash because of the way I teach.

‘Passion’ selling to 2,000 people – in their own living rooms
During the lockdown, I’ve been unable to run physical events and so I’ve put my crash course online as part of the Samuel365 programme. Two thousand people have already signed up to the online crash course, and we are delighted by how many of them have gone on to opt for more advanced training. The feedback has been phenomenal. How do I pressure sell people sitting in their own living rooms who are using the logic of their own brains? The fact is that students are still coming to my training in their thousands in the context of being in their own homes and not ‘under my influence’ or that of my assistants at a staged event. They sign up, not because they are somehow illegally forced into doing so, as Joe seems to think, but because they see clear evidence that my training works – and they prove it to themselves by doing their own deals. How would you explain that, Joe?

Make up your own mind up. How much fairer could I possibly be? If you pay just £1 for the full online crash course you get SEVEN days of coaching. Then you can decide whether you want to take it further. I won’t be in your living room pointing a gun at your head or trying to work any ‘magic’ on you!

The property investment strategies I teach transformed my own life and now they are changing the lives of so many of my students too. If you don’t believe me, just check out the many Winners on a Wednesday interviews on my YouTube channel. I’ve been interviewing successful students every single week for the past year and a half – and we’ve even been continuing the series during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the challenges that has brought. Joe Lycett didn’t mention a single of one of my happy customers. I guess it would have been strange to suddenly quote someone saying it was the best investment they had ever made on a show that sets out to ‘expose’ people.

Grant Cardone is so bang on!

Last week I had a zoom call with the internationally-known American businessman Grant Cardone who has an estimated net worth of $300 million. He has trained me and several members of my staff in the States. I told him I’d been accused of ‘high pressure selling’ and he said: “When did it become wrong to believe in your product and really push for it?” Hammer, nail, head. Yes Grant!

If that’s what high pressure selling really is then I’m guilty as ever – but that does not make me a scammer. I’m not selling products I know to be worthless to the unsuspecting public who are being forced to buy them. That’s what Joe must think I do, because that is the meaning of scammer. But everything I teach I have successfully done myself. What I teach works and hordes of students have discovered it works for them too.

My mantra is to become financially free
Some of my students have had rapid and spectacular success. I know students who have even earned the equivalent of their old annual salary in a single deal. However, I place the greatest emphasis on hard work and becoming free over a period of time by creating a steady passive income.

In addition, I encourage my students to engage property management companies when they start to get enough money coming in. We like our students to take their hands off the day-to-day management and spend more time doing just what they want to do. That is the essence of financial freedom. That is what I passion sell! For Joe’s benefit, financial freedom is when your passive income covers your living expenses and you don’t have to work anymore. I don’t promise to turn people into millionaires – although that does happen.

I define the dream as financial freedom. The sums needed to achieve this differ greatly depending on an individual’s financial commitments. For some people it could take £3,000 a month to become financially free – for others with bigger bills and ambitions – it might be considerably more than this.

Am I too expensive?
Joe has also attacked me for selling ‘expensive’ courses. I’ve put on hundreds of events for FREE. I have put out nearly 700 videos containing FREE valuable tips for investors and have given away thousands of copies of my books for FREE. Some people have become FINANCIALLY FREE from these resources alone.

Others have become hugely successful from being members of my Academy and from attending advanced courses – which, by the way, are far more detailed than the crash course.

My most expensive available offering to date is my Academy which is £12,000. Again, you see countless stories of people who have greatly benefited from the series of advanced training programmes included in the Academy and how it has drastically changed their lives for the better.

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t sell expensive information. I sell training. I give a lot of information away for free online. A lot of what people find online is what I’ve placed there as the founder of the UK’s biggest property investment training company. All that information is invaluable, but it doesn’t replace training. You can learn the theory of driving, but how much better is it to jump into a car with an instructor – someone who will teach you practically how to succeed as an investor? I’ve become a successful property entrepreneur myself and I’ve helped armies of people follow my path.

So are all my students unhappy?
On the Channel 4 show, it is also stated that ‘some’ people they talked to had paid to attend my courses and said they didn’t get what was promised.

OK but that is no big surprise is it? Every company with lots of customers has some bad reviews. I have some bad reviews. Some are genuine from people who have attended my courses and I respect their opinions. Others are from people who have not done my training, and I don’t respect their opinions. I have taught around 20,000 people on my crash courses alone over the past few years. No business could keep that amount of people happy all the time. However, we get way more good reviews. Joe only wants to refer to the disgruntled ones because that fits his theme.

What Joe could have said is that 967 google reviews give me an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. That’s pretty good isn’t it? Oh and Joe would definitely not want to mention that 93 per cent of students who take up my advanced training have scored the quality of it at between 7 and a maximum of 10 points for satisfaction. That’s also pretty good isn’t it? Neither Joe (nor his two researchers) have attended my paid-for training and yet he believes it’s a scam and worthless.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not perfect. I don’t think any company is. When we moved our business from the Midlands to London we did have some customer service issues because of our rapid expansion. The training remained good, but we did have some technical problems which frustrated some people. We’ve sorted them as quickly as we could and apologised for the inconvenience.

There are many people who could have told Joe a success story he didn’t want to hear. Again just check online to see what return on investment many of my students are getting.

Having said that, at every educational establishment – including fee-paying institutions – there are always students who do not succeed. Isn’t that to be expected? You could pay a lot of money to join a fee-paying drama school, but never make it as an actor, despite your dreams of finding fame and fortune. In contrast, others on the same course might do spectacularly well. All I can do is give people the tools to become successful investors in the housing market.


Earning money from property without using your own money is possible
It was also said on the programme that we teach people how to buy properties using none of their own money and then earn £2,500 a month. Yes, that’s true and many students have achieved this. I have also completed financial challenges of my own in Sheffield, London and the USA demonstrating how this can be done. They can all be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Joe also questioned that ‘just one deal can make all your money back.’ We never guarantee this will happen, but it does happen in many cases as most property deals worth pursuing are far more lucrative than a few thousands pounds. I’ll give you a spectacular example. A former teacher who trained with us earned a £70,000 commission from his first sourcing deal. It involved a portfolio of 17 houses worth £2.2 million. He shared the commission with another student we trained who helped him find the right investor to buy the deal.

So I encourage people to get into debt?
Next I want to look at Joe’s assertion that I ‘encourage people to go into debt and spend thousands of pounds in return for facts that can be easily found elsewhere.’

OK let’s examine the first comment. Should universities be pilloried for putting their students into debt – or is it the case that investing in education can sometimes be considered as good debt as it can lead to a well-paid future?

I believe there is such a thing as ‘good debt’ and spending money on a property education can be just as fruitful, if not more so, in creating a passive income and a high standard of living. A property education can generate dramatically swift returns too. One of our trainees considered himself to be financially free while he was still at university. By the time he left he co-owned four houses with his father which were bringing in around £4,000 a month in rent. It was enough to cover all his bills. He was only 21 and soon added four more properties to his portfolio.

However, it is not my responsibility to gauge whether an individual can afford to borrow money for training. Surely that is something for them – and their lenders – to judge. There are strict rules surrounding this. Do Joe Lycett’s representatives examine whether someone can afford to hand over £30,000 to him for a brief birthday appearance?

We also guarantee a cooling off period of 14 days whenever selling at events outside of our offices.

Advanced training is just what it says on the tin
Joe Lycett has ruled that the paid-for elements of our training offer ‘nothing new to students’ than what is taught on the crash course – or is available from watching our videos. I know he does jokes, but this one falls flat.

Where did he get that one from? The crash course covers a lot of ground and includes ‘live-deal’ exercises and demonstrations. But the main focus is on how to make a buy-to-let investment, along with some personal development aspects.

Our academy goes into far more detail on buy-to-lets, plus it provides intensive training on FIVE other modules, all of which are only touched on lightly during the crash course. These include Deal Sourcing, Serviced Accommodation, Lease Option Agreements, Buy Refurbish and Refinance, Rent-to Rent Deals and investing in High Multiple Occupancy Properties (HMOs).

It is true that our free online videos are informative and often refer to these strategies, but there is far more detail in the advanced training often along with important contracts, legal details, networking opportunities, coaching and support. The advanced courses also pulls everything together in such a structured and detailed manner that you cannot find anywhere else.

Rightmove attack is ‘wrong’
Right onto something Katherine Ryan said which is just as outrageous. She mocks the fact that I teach students to find deals on “It’s the best known property portal in the country and not exactly top secret,” she says sarcastically.

Yes Katherine it is, but we teach people how to spot investment gems, hidden amongst tens of thousands of properties. We show them how to identify the right patch, how to evaluate the possible investment returns, judge whether a particular property is likely to prove a good investment and how to achieve the best possible price.

One of my students, James Armstrong, who I’ve known since he was 19, was as stunned as I was by this ridiculous comment. He says that bank transfers don’t lie and that since last July deals from Rightmove have earned him £207,046. James also says it was the training that got him where he is today. Right Move is packed with thousands upon thousands of properties. You really have to know what you’re doing to unearth out the best investment opportunities.

So deal sourcing is not for the uninitiated?
James Armstrong by the way is a deal sourcer and as I just mentioned he’s doing pretty well. However, Joe Lycett’s audience was told it’s extremely difficult for a person with no cash, or contacts to successfully pitch property leads that were found on the internet to genuine investors. Correct and that’s why you need specialist training and guidance, which James Armstrong got from us. SO many of our students are successful deal sourcers.

You can profit from property without spending your own money
Joe Lycett’s programme said I claim people can profit from property without spending any of their own money.

That’s true and I teach many strategies on how you can do this.

There are many ways this can be done, other than borrowing money. For example, you can enter into a joint venture partnership where your partner puts in the capital and you do all the spadework.

You can take over the management of a rental property from a tired landlord and you can enter into Lease Option Agreements. We cover all this in detail in our advanced training.

In truth, you can profit from property without using your own money – so long as you know how to.

Finally, a word of thanks
I’m very grateful to all the people who have stood up for me during this crazy witch- hunt. I would particularly recommend reading the views of Aran Mathai, who has been taking the online crash course. He was moved to write this blog immediately after the show.