Patricia Bright reveals her property investments

Who is Patricia Bright?

Patricia Bright is an incredible young woman who has taken the YouTube world by storm over the last decade. Having been a YouTuber for over 7 years (full time), she has excelled by inspiring females around the world to be the best versions of themselves. Patricia Bright was an investment banker before she went full-time with YouTube. This inspired her audience to follow her footsteps as a go-getting, motivated, career woman. Her topics varied but eventually settled on fashion and beauty – two of her biggest passions. Recently, she posted a video about property investment – this was slightly unusual and many commenters were saying “Why is Patricia Bright talking about property?” However, as they would have discovered, this successful entrepreneur has her fingers in many pies and one of them is the world of property.


What’s her story?

With nearly 3 million followers, this mumpreneur comes from a family of hardworking, humble hustlers. Her own mother was an immigrant to the UK and arrived with very little to eventually own 10 houses. Patricia learned the property ropes at a young age, following her mum’s work. She even managed some of her properties when she was a teenager. Patricia would help write the contracts, visit the tenants and other small but important jobs. This helped mould her into the professional, smart woman she became.

Over 90% of Samuel’s audience is male. This is something he wants to change and so it makes sense to team up and talk with a leader like Patricia. As they mentioned in the video, more women ought to be encouraged to try their hand at property. This is because women occupy better jobs than before and earn higher salaries. Their spending power has grown and they are in prime positions to invest in property and become financially free that way. That’s what makes somebody like Patricia such a key person as an influencer because she could transform the lives of millions.

Watch the video to learn about the property deals she’s been doing and what advice Samuel had for her!

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