Samuel Leeds Tells Kids to “Quit School”

Today’s mentoring Monday Samuel takes a walk on beautiful summer’s day. Here he runs through all the benefit that property as afforded him thus far since buying his very property at the age of 17.

As Samuel explains the everlasting value of property will also suffice. What we do know is that process go up in value over time. This will be key in your quest for financial freedom.

A key when investing in property is not to use your own money but leverage other people’s money this is a tactic many investors have done over time and has proven to be aa success.

After stumbling across a few kids who were intrigued to see Samuel filming in their local area. The idea of education and school is was discussed.

Samuel feels that schools do not teach you to be rich instead they teach you to get a job and live within your means.

Whereas Samuel teaches you how to educate yourself resulting in you making a lot of money and helping the people who are around you.

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