Securing rent to rent deals

If you are interested in securing rent to rent deals, you might be wondering what a phone call with a landlord sounds like. Securing rent to rent deals over the phone is easy when you know what you are doing. Samuel was on-stage at the Crash Course when somebody asked him how to secure a rent to rent or rent to serviced accommodation deal. He asked somebody to shout out a location and the response was ‘Belfast!’. So, Samuel proceeded to Gumtree where he discovered an interesting property for rent in that location.

In his answer to the question, Samuel could have spent hours and hours teaching theory. Most public speakers and educators will prefer to point to a whiteboard rather than provide practical examples. Samuel decided to call the landlord live on stage but the guy wasn’t available to talk. He called back later during an interval and you can watch how the conversation went. By watching this video, you’ll be able to see the tone of voice and line of questioning you should deploy when you do it. Your goal is to arrange a viewing but it’s important that the landlord knows your intentions first. It’s no good booking a viewing and then finding out the landlord doesn’t want to entertain a corporate let.

One of the biggest obstacles people have is over-complication. You are always going to have problems. You should cross each bridge when it comes. Your first task it find a landlord who is happy to do a corporate let. Then you have to figure out how to get to the viewing. Next, you have to do a good deal. The challenges will always arrive. Don’t get overwhelmed because that will lead to inaction. Instead, get yourself some solid training, build up your confidence and then go for it.



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