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Hey! What’s up? I am Samuel, a property investor and a guider. Today, in this video I have
brought some amazing deals for you. Guess what? How to make a deal when selling a
property without an investor.

Make a Smart Move with no Investor
So yes many people ask me how to find an investor or I am not getting an investor so I am
gonna make a deal. Don’t worry you don’t need any investor. But what you are going to do is
find someone who has known some investors in their circle. It will be like a joint venture. If a
person who has investors and you have a deal then you can connect with him. And how
would you connect? Of Course through social media because they always advertise
themselves, every time posting deals. So whoever says that I just sold a deal it means they
are promoting themselves. They are already well- marketed because they have got good
numbers of investors. So instead of trying to become like them, just approach them and
Make strong connections like tell them that they are doing well and they spend a lot of time
to market themselves, get investors and make money but I cannot do all these. What I am
good at is finding an amazing property deal. So what if I bring you a deal then you sell it and
we will do 50 50 on the profits? Look for their investors that know what sort of deal they need
and find those. This is one of the great ideas to do business. You don’t have to market
yourself and not need to find an investor, it’s between you and the dealer. Just concentrate
on your skills and bring the deals. Keep looking for a better way to grow yourself.

Wrap Up
Always find the solution, do not stick to your problems. You will achieve when you focus on
what you can do for your better living. Hope you find this video helpful.

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