Shaf Rasul Exposed – BBC Dragon or Total Fake?

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Shaf Rasul Exposed – BBC Dragon or Total Fake?

Shaf Rasul, formally known as Shafqat Rasul, claims to be a BBC Dragon and journalist for The Sun Newspaper. The truth is that he appeared on the online version of Dragons Den and writes for the Scottish Sun. He is not on the official list of Dragons from The BBC Tv show as many were lead to believe.

Shaf Rasuls own father has accused him of being a ‘Fraud’ and Wikipedia have not acknowledged him ever on the list on BBC Dragons.

In 1999, Shaf Rasul was accused of torturing somebody in his basement which led to him to spend time in prison on remand before he paid the famous Scottish criminal lawyer, Joe Beltrami, to find him “Not Proven”. This has been the topic of much debate and controversy online.

Shaf Rasul is most famous for his online feud with Samuel Leeds after Shaf made a series of YouTube videos claiming Samuel was a fake guru and only owned two properties. This was later all disproved and it was clearly Shaf’s attempt to get views through his struggling YouTube channel.

Shaf seems to have gone into hiding for the time being after being exposed for his shady tactics.

There are many articles about Shaf Rasul court cases, but please read with caution as some of the accusations about Shaf’s violence are very disturbing.


More details can be found here (BEWARE – Reading is Very Graphic)

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