Should I Buy Property Now OR Wait Until After Christmas? | Q&A Sunday

Samuel Leeds

Should I Buy Property Now OR Wait Until After Christmas? | Q&A Sunday

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1:06 Buy now or buy after Christmas when we can see more clearly where the market is going to be? Cheers for the value
👍 2:04 If I have no Income proof, and bad credit but have money inherited and need to invest it. What are the chances of getting a buy to let before a residential mortgage?
3:40 What’s the reason why you rent your own house when you buy houses
4:14 How can I do property investing from outside the UK?
4:58 Long time listener, first time messaging. I am looking to buy an HMO, I understand a real estate crash is looming. Buy now and start collecting cash flow or hold out for lower prices? Thank you so much!
6:21 What do you feel is the best way to network with other property investors whilst no networking events are currently running with COVID also on the rise once again?
7:44 When will your courses such as the crash course be back? Any online courses during these times?
8:24 There’s no help for new developers. Simple question, I’m about to embark on a small project for, first time, so a little scared. With the current economic climate, should I build or should I wait? If I wait, due to a recession, do you think the construction costs will be cheaper? I’m not borrowing, I’m investing my whole life savings into this project, that’s why I’m scared of the risks. Once built, I intend to pass it onto my kids, to help them onto the property ladder. Please advise, you’re the expert. What do you think?
10:31 How best to structure integrating an investor into a deal? Do I put everything in my name and they just transfer me the money, then we sort our cuts once the deal is done? Or do we have to be transparent with all parties involved and declare the investor all the way through?
12:43 if I can borrow the money of an angel investor for the deposit on a BTL would I still get a mortgage as I hear they like you to have ya own money as a deposit?
14:45 Slightly unusual question, can you refinance a property that you have an LOA on? i.e: you’ve agreed to have the option to buy in 7 years for 120k, but you’ve done some refurb on it and the value is boosted to £150k. Can you refinance and pay the vendor now instead of 7 in years’ time?
16:55 I’m currently looking to get a buy to let property for a maximum of £55k. I have been looking in the Hull area but unsure what the rental market is. I was wondering if you think any other areas will be a good buy to let investment. I currently have a buy to let property in Sheffield which I got 3 years ago and is doing really well however £55k does not go far in this area.
18:14 What’s your opinion on the 5% deposit uncle Boris has announced recently?
18:53 Just wanted to know if you buy a house with the mortgage of being interest only, how much tax do you have to pay, and is there any way of limiting the amount of tax being paid.
19:53 I’m currently just finishing my second property which in the middle of switching to buy to let ready to move someone in the house my first house was a flip which I loved but look at things a lot different after watching your videos with brrrrs, I earned 50k return on my 1st flip but now looking to build a portfolio but 20% deposits on my next purchase how do I get around this!?
20:52 When a limited company buys a residential property to ‘fix and flip’ do they have to pay stamp duty when buying? If so, what percentage?
21:45 You are a good Man Samuel Leeds. me and my family we love you so much and may the Lord honor you with long and healthy life

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